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Philosophy of religion » Introduction

Can language adequately describe God? What might God be like? How have scholars argued that God exists? What about evil? Where does scientific discovery leave religion?

In this section you'll find articles on language, the nature of God, including analysis of beliefs about God's action in the world such as miracles and religious experience, of concepts of life after death and the meaning of prayer, and arguments for the existence of God, including ontological, cosmological and design arguments, the place of religious experience and miracles in supporting belief, the place of authority in supporting beliefs and evaluation of probability / cumulative arguments. There are also articles on the problem of evil and suffering, and on the place of faith and reason , including the relationship between science and religion, which is examined in more detail here.

Watch Richard Swinburne, emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of Oxford, answer the question: "Why study the philosophy of religion?"

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