Sponsor a subscription for a Missionary or Priest

in the developing world and we’ll give you unlimited
website access to every issue of The Tablet


Occasionally The Tablet receives a letter from a missionary or priest in a developing country.

They would like to read The Tablet, but do not have the funds to pay for a subscription.

This is often exacerbated by a weak currency and a low income economy.

Often these potential readers are newly ordained Priests or Missionaries. If you would like to sponsor one of these deserving readers we would love to hear from you.

As a special concession, we will set up an annual subscription with a 10% discount.

So instead of the usual cost of £150.50 for an annual subscription (51 issues) you will only pay £135.50

As a sponsor you will be granted unlimited access to all issues of The Tablet via our website whilst the subscription recipient will be mailed a copy of the print version.

If you would like to donate a subscription, or simply find out more about the scheme, please email Ian Farrar: ifarrar@thetablet.co.uk