24 October 2017, The Tablet

Jacob Rees-Mogg on LBC radio: 11 highlights from the show

Rees-Mogg discussed Brexit, Boris Johnson's foreign policy speech, the T-charge and the contentious Police campaign #LetsNailIt with callers

Jacob Rees-Mogg on LBC radio: 11 highlights from the show

Catholic and Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg hosted his first LBC radio programme yesterday (Monday 23 October). Rees-Mogg discussed Brexit, Boris Johnson's foreign policy speech, the T-charge and the contentious Police campaign #LetsNailIt with callers, throwing in the occasional turn of phrase the North East Somerset MP has become known for. 

Eleven highlights from the show: 

1. Introduction: "Hello, this is Jacob Rees-Mogg I’m standing in for James O’Brian so it's bad luck for all you lefty snowflakes out there today because its going to be a change of tone.."

2. On Brexit: "I'm wondering whether there are people out there like me who feel we’ve got to go for it, this is what people voted for and they voted for because they saw the opportunity of it. Not because they were negative and not because they were 'little Englanders' but because they saw that Britain could be a really global nation looking much beyond the narrow european sphere of a failing economic model.”

3. Arguing against the EU: “I trust democracy ahead of lobbyists and bureaucratic cabals”

4. Showing a little bias toward Somerset: “Moving on to a call from Craig from Devizes - so that’s Wiltshire, a very good county, but not of course as good as Somerset.”

5. "Welcome back, I’m going to stick to 'Good Morning' because I happen to think you shouldn’t say 'Good Afternoon' until after lunch"

6. On London Taxis - “As Disraeli said they are the gondolas of London. The hackney carriage as it used to be called is absolutely the finest way of travelling of London”

7. Discussing Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson: “I think Boris’ influence on Brexit as Foreign Secretary is absolutely crucial for getting the type of Brexit I and some others are after”

8. On the Prime Minister: “I think the Tory cabinet is so full of talented ministers we are really spoilt for choice, but we’ve got the best in Mrs May”

9. On the controversial police campaign #LetsNailIt: “We’re going to be discussing concerns with policing and all this stuff about them painting their fingernails - or it may have been their toenails -but it seemed a very rum thing for the rozzers to be doing when there are concerns about them not collecting enough evidence to put burglars away.. ”

10. "Just to give you some context the Avon and Somerset police force, which is the finest constabulary in the country, had a mental aberration and decided to paint the officers fingernails to make a pointless point all it did was make it look like they weren't spending their money properly."

11. On closing: "This has been a very enjoyable three hours, it’s passed quite quickly but I must confess I’m now looking forward to my lunch"

PICTURE: Jacob Rees-Mogg presents LBC radio show ©PA

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