14 September 2016, The Tablet

Church releases first catechism for prisoners

An ecumenical edition of the guide will follow in early 2017

The first catechetical resource written for Catholic prisoners is to be published in October. 

“Faith Inside: a guide for Catholics in prison” covers core Christian beliefs, prayer, the sacraments, coping with death and bereavement, as well as a section to prepare inmates for release. 

“Personal faith development cannot be seen in isolation from the other areas of growth and development that are needed in prisoners’ lives,” said Fr Eddie McGhee, a serving prison chaplain and the author of the guide.  

Recognising that there was a lack of resources specifically for prisoners and prison chaplains, Fr McGhee produced the guide in collaboration with the Bishops’ Conferences of England and Wales, of Scotland and Redemptorist Publications. 

“In this Year of Mercy I hope that one of the outcomes of the publication of this resource will be that prisoners will come to understand God as a loving and forgiving father and that faith communities will extend a welcome to those who are trying to turn their lives around,” said Fr McGhee. “This resource shows the way for anyone thinking seriously about the Catholic faith while in prison. It will help them  come to a clearer understanding of the treasures of our faith and how they are loved and welcomed by God and by the Catholic Community,” said Bishop Richard Moth, liaison bishop for prisons. 

Sponsored by the Jerusalem Trust, an ecumenical edition of the guide will follow in early 2017.


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