24 June 2015, The Tablet

Vocations flourish at Leeds Trinity University

Two former Leeds Trinity students have been ordained priests in as many years; one has made her final profession as a religious sister and another is on course for priesthood in 2016.

At least two of them were helped to discern their vocation at the Catholic university’s chaplainc. Mgr Paul Grogan, the chaplain, said he would not be surprised if some of their current students explore priestly or religious vocation in the coming years.

The ordinations underpin Leeds Trinity’s 49-year history of identifying and nurturing vocations.

This year Fr Cyrille Delort, who completed a Masters in Public Communications at Leeds Trinity in 2008, was ordained a priest for the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris in his home town of Laval, France, 300 miles south-west of Paris. He met some of the Comboni Missionaries nearby the university and by the end of his studies had begun to discern a vocation.

Last year another graduate, Fr Marc Homsey, was ordained a priest for the Dicoese of Leeds while Dominic Risley will be ordained a deacon for the Archdiocese of Liverpool today at Oscot College, moving to priesthood next year, after having studied theology at the university and participated in the diocesan discernment group.

Meanwhile Sr Anoushka Robinson-Biggin has recently made her final profession as a Faithful Companion of Jesus. She completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Leeds Trinity in 2000 and earlier this year returned to the university to discuss her vocation.

Mgr Grogan said: “When our graduates give themselves to Christ in a radical way like this you know that the faith life of the university is strong.”

He works alongside Sr Anne Hammersley, who has been trained as a Vocation Guide by the English and Welsh Church’s National Office for Vocation.

You can watch Fr Cyrille discuss his vocation below.

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