24 April 2015, The Tablet

Militia plotting a separate state in north-east Kenya, warns bishop

The Catholic bishop of Garissa claims that there is a movement to create an Islamic state in the region of north-eastern Kenya that includes his diocese.

On 2 April Al-Shabaab terrorists murdered 148 people at Garissa University. The terrorists separated Christian students from Muslims and murdered the Christians.

Bishop Paul Darmanin said Somali Muslim refugees now feel more secure than the Christian workers in the area. “There are attempts to establish Garissa as an Islamic State and that is why Muslim refugees feel more comfortable than the Christian civil servants,” the Maltese bishop said. The systematic separation of people was “dangerous and must be stopped”, Bishop Darmanin warned.

The bishop’s comments came as Kenyan security agencies said they were investigating a secessionist movement in northern Kenya, which is recruiting Muslim youths. The secessionists want to create a movement called Gharre Nation, the Director of the Kenyan Criminal Investigation Department, Ndegwa Muhoro, told the press.

Fr Alfred Muriithi, a Catholic priest in Wajir, capital of Wajir county that neighbours Garissa county, said he has heard whispers about the Gharre state. “Local people quietly talk about it. I don’t think it can work,” he said.

The movement has a tribal militia, according to reports, whose members are believed to have worked with Al-Shabaab to kill the Garissa university students. With the escalating Islamist attacks, Christians, who provide most of the essential services in the region, are being driven out, allowing the terrorist secessionists to dominate the population.


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