29 January 2015, The Tablet

Nuncio's tweets accuse Francis of being 'utterly wrong'

Discretion, tact and working behind the scenes – Vatican diplomats are normally well-versed in the classical skills of diplomacy.

But Archbishop Thomas Gullickson, the apostolic nuncio to Ukraine, appears to be bucking the trend.

The papal ambassador has been sending out tweets with links to articles that are less than favourable about Pope Francis.

One of them links to an article written by Sandro Magister accusing the Pope of not practising what he preaches.

On another occasion, he links to an article written that is critical of the Pope’s remarks about Catholics not needing to breed “like rabbits.”

The Twitter account also links to Archbishop Gullickson’s blog that in turn is linked to from the apostolic nunciature’s web page.

In a recent posting he also refers to the Pope’s "rabbit" remarks suggesting Francis should have been more careful.

“The outrage or ‘slow burn’ over the Holy Father’s choice of words is justified, because once again, some, if not many, are taking advantage and pushing their anti-life and anti-marital-chastity agenda. Unintentional or not the ‘barn door’ was left open and unguarded,” he writes.

Papal nuncios are required to act as personal representatives of the Pope and the Holy See in the countries which they serve.

They also seek to maintain political neutrality. But Archbishop Gullickson has also used his Twitter account to link to articles on relations between Ukraine and Russia. In February last year Russian forces annexed Crimea in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Recently, the archbishop posted this tweet.

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