28 January 2015, The Tablet

Bishops’ advice to Catholic voters due in coming weeks

Advice for Catholics on how to vote in May’s General Election will come out in the next few weeks, a bishop involved in drafting it has said.

Bishop of Shrewsbury Mark Davies told a diocesan justice and peace group in Chester that the “concise and readable document” would prompt Catholics to reflect on the major issues facing voters.

Each Catholic voter should keep those issues – which he said might include economics, care of the elderly, immigration, religious freedom and the alleviation of poverty – in mind “before making that fateful decision”, he added.

Other important questions for Catholic voters cited by the bishop include the UK’s relationship with the European Union, British military intervention, humanitarian aid, marriage and the family, and the value of human life itself in the form of questions about assisted suicide.

The document, which will be similar to the statements issued before the 2005 and 2010 General elections, will not specify which party Catholics should vote for.

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