27 July 2020, The Tablet

New book tells the story of Knock pilgrim's miracle cure

For three decades the Church investigated Marion Carroll's recovery, recognising it as miraculous in 2019.

New book tells the story of Knock pilgrim's miracle cure

Pope Francis prays as he visits the Chapel of the Apparitions at the Knock Shrine in Knock, Ireland, August 26, 2018.
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A new book tells the story of Marion Carroll’s miracle cure at Knock Shrine for the first time following last year’s official Church recognition of her life-changing healing. 

Over thirty years ago, the Athlone mother was brought to the Co Mayo shrine on a stretcher in September 1989 for the Anointing of the Sick. She had been suffering for seventeen years with MS and was incontinent, blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other, and her speech was affected.

During Mass she felt a “whispery breeze” pass over her and when Mass was over, she asked the nurses to open her stretcher and she stepped pain free of it and fully cured of all her ailments. 

In her new book ‘My Miracle Cure’, the Athlone woman recounts how her life was changed forever. 

To this day, conventional medical wisdom is unable to account for what happened. For three decades the Church investigated her recovery and 30 years to the day of her cure, the Church officially recognised it as a miracle cure – the first miracle recorded at Knock.

“I am absolutely convinced it was a miracle. My speech was perfect and my hands and arms were perfect. I was standing unaided on my own two feet,” she recalls in the book. 

The grandmother of five added, “Standing there that moment I saw my own heart right in front of me. And it was so full of joy and peace and a love without end and it was shining like looking directly into the sun and then the rays came towards me and I got all these gifts of joy and peace and love and a lot of other things.”

According to the book, the late Monsignor Joseph Quinn of Knock described Marion as “a chosen instrument of God and Our Lady to communicate at home and abroad.”

The Knock Shrine, built in 1976 on the site of the famous 1879 apparition, was elevated to the status of a basilica in 1979, during Saint John Paul II's visit to Ireland. The basilica was recently visited by Pope Francis during his 2018 tour of Ireland.

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