19 October 2018, The Tablet

Capture Moses and find spiritual items in new app modelled on Pokémon Go

Gotta Catechise 'Em All! Players of Follow JC Go! travel with the app through the real and virtual worlds

Capture Moses and find spiritual items in new app modelled on Pokémon Go

Follow JC Go!
Fundación Ramón Pané

It's not so much a case of "Gotta catch 'em all". More like "Gotta catechise 'em all." 

A new app modelled on the best-selling virtual reality game Pokémon Go has been launched to take players through a catechetical gameplay where they find Bible characters such as Moses to join their team to help win new followers for Jesus. 

Players of Follow JC Go! create an avatar and then, using GPS, are guided to find Marian advocates, saints and other characters in real world locations such as churches. They then invite these characters to join their eTeam or "evangelisation team" by answering a question based on Bible or other Christian general knowledge posed by the game.

The game is supported in the app by promotional Bible videos, Christian singers and other information. On their journey they find spirituality, bread, water and denarii – the game's currency – which will help them increase their supplies and stay alive.

The app involves walking through the streets of the cities to meet and invite as many of the in-game characters to the eTeam as possible; the application uses social interaction, text messages and promotes physical meetings of users in different locations to do charitable works or other challenges, engaging them in competition that is personal, as well as involving other eTeams, and extending across national boundaries throughout the world.

Health is measured by acquired levels of water, bread and spirituality.

The app shows different player rankings and players can also invite other real people, as well as the characters they have met, to be on their evangelisation teams. 

 It has been launched already in Spanish and will be available in English and some other languages soon. 

The game is produced by Fundación Ramón Pané

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