01 August 2014, The Tablet

View from the trenches: see Jesuit chaplain's poignant watercolours

On Monday, Europe will pause commemorates the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War, scenes from which are depicted in the paintings below.

They were the work of Fr Leslie Walker, a Jesuit priest who served as a military chaplain, and, because of his artistic ability, was asked to sketch the battlefront.

A number of his paintings from that period are still in the possession of the British Jesuits.

Some appear light-hearted while others depict the horrors of war.

Born to non-conformist parents in 1877, Fr Leslie was received into the Church and became a Jesuit in 1899.

After the war he went to Campion Hall and died in 1958. The Times remembered him as one with “the authority of a genial volcano … and an anarchic wit.”



Images courtesy of Jesuit.org.uk




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