18 June 2020, The Tablet

Trump risks all on a throw of the dice

Trump risks all on a throw of the dice

Trump prays
Photo: PA/DPA; Oliver Contreras


There is no road to re-election if the President loses the support of white Catholics in key swing states. But to ally with opponents of Pope Francis is a gamble that might backfire

Last week, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the 79-year-old former apostolic nuncio to the United States who attempted to drive Pope Francis out of the papacy in 2018 and went into hiding when his plot failed, published an open letter to President Donald Trump.

The letter describes a global battle between “children of light” and “children of darkness”. The children of darkness are an “absolute minority” that has infiltrated the media, economy and governments in order to seize power and maximise their wealth. Viganò explains to Trump that they are on the same side in this cosmic battle. He connects the children of darkness to the idea of a “deep state” that is attempting to undermine President Trump and drive God out of the courts, schools, families, and even churches. Viganò explains that, “Just as there is a deep state there is also a deep church” that is likewise betraying the children of light.

According to Viganò, two conspiracies are connected to this “biblical” battle: a conspiracy to use the novel coronavirus to seize power and engage in social engineering, and a conspiracy to provoke mob violence during the Black Lives Matter protests, in order to provoke a government crackdown that would undermine support for President Trump.

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