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06 July 2016

Francis must put his foot down


Shortly before Christmas 2014 Pope Francis told members of the Roman Curia that they often suffered from “the pathology of power”, which produced a “superiority complex”. Such blunt statements from a chief executive might be followed by a shake-up of head office manpower – there are virtually no women involved, which may be part of the problem – but there was little sign of it.

Eighteen months on, he explained his management methods a little further. If obstructive officials were like nails, he hammered them further into the wood rather than cut them off at the head. By which he meant, apparently, that he waits for them to retire rather than sacking them. “They do their job and I do mine,” he told the Argentine newspaper La Nación. “They say no to everything. I continue straight on my way, without looking over my shoulder.”


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Comment by: LB1966
Posted: 07/07/2016 16:56:31
Muller and Company should be removed, and the sooner the better. Aside from the fact that they are "foot-dragging" ("defiant" is a better word), there's this to consider: these men occupy positions for which they are paid a stipend; they live in Vatican apartments, and their offices are funded using Church funds. Is it right to spend Church funds on prelates who are of no help whatsoever to the Pope, and who do not utilize the resources of their offices to implement his programs? The Pope may ignore them all he wants, but the truth is that for as long as they and their ilk are in the Curia, he will continue to face opposition to his reforms and lose valuable time in implementing them. He should not have to put up with them a moment longer.

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