Columnists > Are the Churches doing any better than the police in handling domestic abuse?

11 February 2016 | by Clifford Longley

Are the Churches doing any better than the police in handling domestic abuse?

One in six of all violent incidents reported to the police concerns domestic violence – an attack by someone with whom the person concerned is in a close relationship. It accounts for a third of all murders where the victim is female. Yet despite these truly horrendous statistics, a recent investigation by the Police Foundation declared that “domestic abuse is a difficult issue for the police to handle; one which they have historically dealt with reluctantly and, on the whole, ineffectively”. This prompts the question: are the Churches doing any better, or are they also ineffective in dealing with a major scourge of society? The evidence may be incomplete and largely anecdotal, but it is not reassuring. There are parallels with the way the institutional Church failed to


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Comment by: Posy
Posted: 13/02/2016 14:07:07
Are you saying that no one can ever repent and change their ways? If that is true, why don't we all just give up trying to be Christians?

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