13 March 2019, The Tablet

Academic voices


A Unicorn Dies: A Novel of Mystery and Ideas
Paul S. Fiddes
(Firedint Publishing Oxford, 283 pp, £8.99)

Paula Gooder
(Hodder & Stoughton, 320 pp, £14.99)
Tablet bookshop price £13.49 • 020 7799 4064

Paul S. Fiddes is a British Baptist theo­logian. For A Unicorn Dies: A Novel of Mystery and Ideas, his first novel, he experiments with murder-mystery. In the first two chapters he endows his hero, Giles Questing, with a sharp eye for the female form, focusing on a “plunging neckline” here and the sweat-covered flesh of two joggers there. But Giles, a student at the University of Oxford, is also obsessed with the myth of the unicorn.

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