Books > Renaissance man: the life of Leonardo da Vinci

03 January 2018 | by Christopher Bray

Renaissance man: the life of Leonardo da Vinci

Renaissance man: the life of Leonardo da Vinci


It isn’t difficult to imagine his school reports. “Leonardo is quick and bright, but his handwriting is abysmal, so that even when he has done good work it is impossible to award him high marks. (Can he not be made to use his right hand?) It is good that he has so many interests, but nor can it be denied that he has a grasshopper mind. If only he would stick at things. But no sooner does he imagine himself the master of some or other skill than he is off chasing a new fancy. It is not for me to offer medical advice, but since he was born out of wedlock, might it be possible he suffers from ADHD? Whatever, if Leonardo doesn’t pull himself together he will spend the rest of his life being his own worst enemy.”



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