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  1. How the church decides when a true Marian apparition has taken place
  2. Study of saints, saint-making combines scholarly with popular
  3. Path toward Christian unity is found by 'walking together on a common journey'
  4. PAPAL SCHEDULE: Francis' visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal
  5. Pope provides comfort for those struggling at the beginning and end of life's journey
  6. Jews, Christians and Muslims set out pathways to peace in Assisi
  7. Two priests kidnapped in Mexico found dead 24 hours later
  8. Santorum joins Donald Trump's Catholic advisory group
  9. Pope Francis appeals for help for civilians trapped in besieged Aleppo
  10. Pope warns of global war to destroy the institution of marriage
  11. Gay Catholics and those confused about sexuality deserve same pastoral care, Pope tell reporters
  12. Seven Catholic institutions to divest from fossil fuel companies
  13. Colombian president wins Nobel Peace Prize despite losing vote for peace
  14. Aid slowly makes its way to thousands of Haitians displaced by hurricane
  15. Sport works in tough areas of life where religion often fails, Vatican conference hears
  16. Archbishop of Detroit says special 'Mass of Pardon' for the sins of the diocese
  17. Pope calls for ceasefire to protect 'victims of the inhumane conflict in Syria'
  18. Christians who reject refugees are 'hypocrites,' Pope says
  19. Pope Francis canonises seven new saints who 'struggled to the very end with all their strength'
  20. Colombian bishops urge the government and rebels to commit to ceasefire
  21. Catholic bishops step up campaign to steer warring factions to peace in Congo
  22. Iraqi Christians welcome Mosul offensive but still fear the aftermath
  23. Jesuits close church to dialogue over student protests after it is 'violated'
  24. Pope Francis opens papal bedroom to the public for the first time
  25. Manila Archdiocese launches drug rehab programme after huge increase in vigilante killings
  26. US Catholics urged to pray novena ahead of election
  27. Vatican to open archives on Argentina's 'dirty war'
  28. Priests to celebrate Masses outdoors after massive earthquake destroys town
  29. The Beatitudes according to Pope Francis
  30. Pope Francis: Catholic Church is very unlikely to ever ordain women
  31. US election: Catholic women responsible for boosting Clinton campaign
  32. Church is afraid to speak out about organ trafficking, says Mozambique nun
  33. Washington DC takes next step towards legalising assisted suicide
  34. US voters rejected Catholic Church's standpoints on single issue referendums
  35. Religious leaders react to Trump's shock US presidential election win
  36. Diocese investigating 'aborted foetus priest' over potential 'desecration of the altar'
  37. Congressmen call halt to same sex marriage in Mexico for fear of Catholic backlash
  38. Pope encourages new cardinals not to let virus of 'animosity' enter the Church
  39. Mercy doesn't end today, says Pope at close of Holy Year
  40. Rwanda bishops ask for forgiveness for part Catholics played in 1994 genocide
  41. Mary to be the focus of next World Youth Day celebrations, Pope Francis announces
  42. Martin Scorsese meets Pope after private screening for Jesuits
  43. Pope Francis announces first US martyr, leading the way for beatification
  44. Swiss bishop to priests: No last rites for patients seeking assisted suicide
  45. Baby Jesus reminds us of painful plight of migrants, Pope says as Vatican Nativity scene unveiled
  46. Pope calls to express condolences after Cairo church attack
  47. Pope writes to President Assad urging him to end the war in Syria
  48. Vatican encourages faithful to send birthday message to Pope Francis
  49. 'Leader of the people' of Brazil Cardinal Arns dies age 95
  50. Filipino bishops oppose restoring death penalty as 'culture of death' prevails
  51. Pope meets with Colombian leaders at odds on FARC peace deal
  52. Pope Francis to visit Fatima in May 2017
  53. Pope names first woman to head Vatican Museums
  54. Cardinal Timothy Dolan to play part in Donald Trump's presidential inauguration
  55. Scourge of terrorism is enveloping the world, says Pope in first message of 2017
  56. Catholic representation in Capitol Hill increases as new lawmakers are sworn in
  57. Church in India forms support group for transgender people
  58. Newborn found on steps of Catholic cathedral in good health
  59. Vatican's doctrinal chief dismisses idea of 'fraternal correction' of Pope
  60. Vatican commission responds to Order of Malta's refusal to cooperate with investigation
  61. Bishop opposes death sentence for man convicted of killing churchgoers
  62. Church must address intolerance, says bishop, after 'integration czar' labels Catholic schools 'homophobic'
  63. Pope meets Palestinian President as world leaders recommit to two-state solution
  64. Opus Dei to begin process to choose new prelate
  65. Protests across Virginia as state executes 112th victim in 40 years
  66. Pro-life groups celebrate Trump’s ban on funding for abortions overseas
  67. Americans back tighter abortion laws as Trump cuts supply of tax dollars to foreign abortion schemes
  68. Pope Francis: Never underestimate the courage and wisdom of women
  69. Bishop vows to 'stand in solidarity with immigrant families' as Trump orders US-Mexico wall
  70. Vatican officials visit war-torn city of Aleppo to express Pope's 'closeness' with Syrian people
  71. Right to life engrained in constitution, US Vice President Pence tells pro-life march
  72. Trump's ban on immigrants is devastating, chaotic and cruel, US bishops say
  73. Trump promise to prioritise Christian refugees will fuel tension, warns Iraqi Patriarch
  74. Trump nominates Episcopalian known to back religious rights as US Supreme Court Judge
  75. Trump's decision to retain Obama's 'deeply flawed' executive order threatens religious freedom, warn US Bishops
  76. Vatican releases 'clearest possible guidelines' on church's stance on bioethical issues
  77. Clericalism is a 'virus that has infected the church', Australian abuse panel told
  78. No nation free of organ trafficking, claim speakers at Vatican summit
  79. Catholics and Lutherans celebrate Reformation with new Bible translations
  80. US bishops urge Conscience Act to protect health care workers from having to 'destroy innocent unborn children'
  81. Pope Francis asks for forgiveness from victims of clerical sex abuse on behalf of Catholic Church
  82. Christian leaders urge Trump not to delay on signing religious freedom legislation
  83. Fatima nun one step closer to beatification as Portuguese church sends evidence to Vatican
  84. US-Mexico border bishops call for dignity for migrants
  85. Vatican freezes €2m over suspected money laundering
  86. Populism fuelling self-centred rejection of migrants, pope says
  87. Cardinal Burke leaves Guam after interviewing witnesses in abuse case
  88. Trump administration to enhance enforcement of immigration laws, including construction of US-Mexico wall
  89. Defend Ukraine's children in face of 'humanitarian emergency' not seen in Europe since WWII, implores archbishop
  90. South African bishops call for restraint following xenophobic attacks
  91. US bishops applaud Trump repeal of transgender bathroom directive
  92. Reach out to cohabiting couples in order to promote marriage, says pope
  93. Assisted suicide law takes effect in US capital despite church opposition
  94. Lent is a time to say no to the asphyxia of selfishness and 'silent indifference', says Pope
  95. Situation is 'critical and dangerous' for Iraqi christians refugees
  96. Christians must differentiate between Muslims and extremists, warns Catholic church in Egypt
  97. Iraq excluded from Trump's revised executive order temporarily banning refugees from entering the US
  98. Poor will bear the brunt of Republican's new healthcare legislation, Catholic bishops say
  99. Transnational corporations commit 'abuses with impunity', says Guatemalan bishop urging UN defence of human rights
  100. Vatican confirms Pope Francis will visit Colombia in September
  101. Attacks show Venezuelan Government relations with Catholics deteriorating
  102. Beatification date for Oklahoma priest murdered in Guatemala announced
  103. Catholic climate change activists put pressure on Trump administration over Paris Agreement
  104. Indian bishops set up online system to register and protect migrants
  105. OBITUARY: Early civil rights activist who was radicalised by deprivation of Derry hometown
  106. Half the population of South Sudan on the brink of starvation, says Catholic Relief Service representative
  107. Pope committed to rooting out the 'scourge of sex abuse in the church' says Cardinal
  108. Spread hope, preach Christ, don't worry about numbers, pope says
  109. Indigenous, accompanied by church, fight for rights in Amazon rainforest
  110. Child protection commission seeks new ways to be informed by victims, following Marie Collins resignation
  111. Companies that help build Trump's border wall are 'traitors to the homeland', says Archdiocese of Mexico
  112. Global peace and security demand an end to nuclear weapons, pope tells UN
  113. White House 'does not care about climate change', warns Catholic environment campaigners
  114. Our Lady of Fatima centenary: The special relationship between St John Paul II and Our Lady
  115. First three Vatican refugee families begin new life in Italy
  116. More must be done to combat child trafficking, Vatican official says
  117. Pope horrified by 'unacceptable massacre' in Syria
  118. Cupich starts seed fund for anti-violence initiatives in Chicago and pleads for more help
  119. Number of Catholics in the world continues upward trend, thanks to Africa
  120. Catholic leaders in Syria condemn US aggression over alleged chemical attacks
  121. Scientists must 'foresee and prevent' distorted use of biotechnologies to manipulate life, says Pope
  122. Next few months will decide Christians' fate in badly scarred Iraq, says aid agency head
  123. 'Love is the engine that drives our hope forward', Pope Francis tells weekly audience
  124. Editor-at-large of Jesuit America magazine to advise Vatican communications department
  125. Egypt has highest level of government restriction on religion, according to global report
  126. In Syria, Franciscan superior sees devastation, but also signs of hope
  127. 'Demonic' Boko Haram must be fought in the spiritual realm as well as the physical, says Nigerian Catholic bishop
  128. Vatican stamps mark Pope Benedict's birthday and Fatima apparitions
  129. Catholic bishops welcome stays of execution for six condemned men in Arkansas
  130. Head of Philippines bishops conference attacks Catholics for 'rebuffing church morals and doctrine'
  131. Vatican confirms Bartholomew to meet Pope during Cairo trip
  132. Church needs martyrs who 'stand up to hatred' even though it endangers their lives, Pope says
  133. Catholic bishops name no names as they weigh in on French presidential election
  134. Catholic schools forced to erect 8ft walls and hire armed guards to protect children in Pakistan
  135. Christians 'always have hope' no matter how bad things get, Francis says ahead of trip to Cairo
  136. Knights of Malta urged to vote for a temporary leader to replace Festing
  137. ICC's 'mass murder' case against Duterte should inject fear into the Philippines killing squads, bishops say
  138. Catholic leaders urge Israel to meet Palestinian hunger strikers' demands
  139. Pope calls for peace amid deadly protests in Venezuela
  140. Pope Francis' historic trip to Cairo was 'big blessing' to Egyptians
  141. Belgian Catholic order allows euthanasia in psychiatric care centres it runs
  142. Bankruptcy protection is a more fair and transparent solution to Puerto Rican debt crisis
  143. Head of French Catholic bishops welcomes Macron's election
  144. Priest kidnapped in Yemen pleads for help in new video message
  145. US bishops pledge to end death penalty
  146. South Korean Catholics hope Catholic president-elect can unify nation
  147. FATIMA@100: Pope says his visit to the site of Marian apparitions is pilgrimage of peace and hope
  148. The death penalty is 'inadmissible', says Pope
  149. FATIMA@100: Pope says he has doubts about alleged Medjugorje apparitions
  150. Latin American bishops appeal for aid for food-short Venezuela
  151. Reports say Callista Gingrich will be nominated as US Vatican ambassador
  152. Message of peace given at Fatima still 'timely and urgent' 100 years later, says UN panel
  153. Priest stabbed at the altar while celebrating Mass in Mexico city
  154. Pope wants synod dedicated to people in Amazon, archbishop says
  155. Vatican commission believes first seven Marian apparitions at Medjugorje were real but doubts authenticity of others
  156. Australian Police take legal advice on whether to prosecute Cardinal Pell on decades-old abuse allegations
  157. Pope Francis to join rest of Catholic world in celebrating Corpus Christi on a Sunday
  158. Medjugorje report's conclusions could be a 'first' for the church, says Vatican commission member
  159. Coptic pope issues stark warning that Christians in Egypt are 'struggling for their very existence'
  160. Trump nominates Callista Gingrich ambassador to Vatican
  161. UN only 'half fulfilled its role' as refugees left to 'sad fate', says Central African bishop
  162. Trump first sitting president to visit Jersualem's Western Wall
  163. Venezuelan bishops repeat their rejection of government's proposal for a new constitution
  164. Devil wants 'comfortable, wishy-washy, business savvy' Catholic Church, Pope says
  165. Documentary featuring Pope Francis and feature film on Fatima apparitions to be released in cinemas
  166. First Swedish cardinal has a 'very important mission' in one of the most secular countries in Europe
  167. Becoming a cardinal is not a job promotion but a call to be more like Jesus, Spanish cardinal-designate says
  168. First cardinal-designate from Laos 'never dreamed this appointment was possible'
  169. Pope Francis names Archbishop Angelo De Donatis as vicar for the Diocese of Rome
  170. Francis points to the road map of the Christian spirit in Scriptures
  171. Priest says Egypt's Christians feel they could be martyrs at any time
  172. Pope in Genoa: condemns meritocracy; attitudes to migrants and challenges priests over vocations crisis
  173. Federal appeals court upholds injunction against Trump's travel ban
  174. Bishops in southern Mexico face threats from organised criminal groups
  175. Medieval Catholic church to blame for Lutheran split, Cardinal Koch tells ecumenical leaders
  176. US Bishops urge Trump to honour Paris climate pact to protect the planet
  177. The Holy Spirit 'generates diversity' which brings about unity, Pope Francis tells Pentecostal audience
  178. Catholic missionaries are in the vanguard of relationship with Muslims worldwide, Francis says
  179. Questions surround Cameroonian bishop's reported suicide
  180. Catholic killed in London Bridge attack inspires charitable gifts
  181. US House of Representatives passes bill to aid Christian victims of genocide in Middle East
  182. US church leaders helping many find healing as victims of clergy sexual abuse, but more to be done, finds audit
  183. Spanish government honours Catholic who died saving a woman's life at London Bridge
  184. Uphold a woman's right to contribute fully to society, pope says
  185. Archbishop to become Lithuania's first beatified Soviet-era martyr
  186. South Africa 'a few inches from the throes of a mafia state' finds panel as Council of Churches call for dissolution of Parliament
  187. Cameroonian bishop's death: murder not suicide, say officials
  188. Pope joins other religious leaders to promote friendship across religions and cultures
  189. Parish prays for US congressman in critical condition after shooting
  190. Over 50 Indonesian priests resign after accusing bishop of embezzling more than £78,000 of church money
  191. Elections needed in Venezuela to put an end to violence and bring relief to suffering people, says Vatican official
  192. Stolen St John Bosco brain relic found hidden in copper teapot
  193. Church offers counselling to help children cope with trauma of Grenfell fire
  194. Pope to make fourth visit to South America with Peru-Chile trip planned for January, announces Vatican
  195. Pope urges Merkel to continue supporting Paris climate agreement
  196. 'Resorting to old models' will only delay resolution of conflict between US and Cuba, says bishop
  197. End fear and false ideologies by getting to know refugees, says Pope
  198. Experienced diplomat, Indian Cardinal Dias dies at 81
  199. Indonesian priests seek Vatican help in row with bishop over church funds
  200. More than 3,300 killed in DRC fighting since October, reports Catholic Church
  201. Pope sends nearly half a million dollars to South Sudan to show solidarity and support, after visit postponed
  202. American film director and producer, Scorsese, says a childhood of faith and films continues to inspire him
  203. Mali Church demands tougher stance against Islamists following terrorist attack
  204. US priest brutally murdered in Guatemala, Father Rother, documentary trailer released
  205. Catholic Church supports separate Gorkha homeland in India
  206. Francis 'sounding board' retired US Archbishop John Quinn dies aged 88
  207. Desecration of Catholic chapel in Southern Philippines 'gravely sinful', says Filipino Cardinal
  208. UK pharmacy regulator abandons proposal to strip conscience protections
  209. Venezuela risks becoming Caribbean 'North Korea,' former leaders say
  210. Pope will attend reconciliation events in Colombia, announces Vatican
  211. Vatican expresses 'grave concern' as Chinese government appear to prevent bishop from assuming leadership of diocese
  212. Philippine bishops' head warns Catholics against fake news
  213. Loss of affordable access to US healthcare under proposed bill 'simply unacceptable', says bishop
  214. US bishops 'deeply concerned' as Supreme court allows partial implementation of Trump travel ban
  215. Pope tells archbishops not to be 'armchair Catholics,' but apostles
  216. DRC bishops condemn repression and demand elections
  217. UK bishops offer prayers for terminally-ill baby, Charlie Gard, as parents say life-support will be turned off
  218. Conscience-based objectors sue Illinois over law requiring them to inform patients of 'benefits' of abortion
  219. Marawi bishop dismisses 'ridiculous' proposals to negotiate with IS-linked extremists for release of priest
  220. Vietnamese Catholic blogger sentenced to 10 years in prison
  221. Francis appeals for peace in Venezuela as political crisis continues to escalate
  222. Pope: Hunger caused by 'indifference of many, selfishness of a few'
  223. Coexistence and 'deepening of democracy in Lebanon' sends message of hope, say Christian and Muslim leaders
  224. Canadian bishops: Abortion should not be 'core' of foreign policy
  225. New documentary reveals Pope Francis' concept of art
  226. US and European bishops call for a plan to eliminate nuclear weapons
  227. Church officials disappointed as Myanmar government refuses entry to UN fact-finders
  228. Pope to beatify Colombian martyrs during visit
  229. Return of Guam archbishop would be disastrous, says coadjutor
  230. Canadian Churches and NGOs take government to court over refugee pact with US
  231. Venezuela government aims to install 'military dictatorship', say bishops
  232. South Sudanese bishop challenges government to admit bankruptcy
  233. Philippine bishops appeal for return to peace in south of country
  234. Nigerian calls West's imposition of abortion 'cultural supremacy'
  235. Yemen's foreign minister says kidnapped Salesian is still alive
  236. Vatican indicts former hospital officials for stealing money to refurbish cardinal's flat
  237. US bishop lauds bill to fight human trafficking
  238. Cardinal Schonborn: Church doing best to strengthen families of all types
  239. Catholics lead resistance to Minnesota Satanic Temple veterans monument
  240. Brazil trying to undo protections for indigenous peoples warns Archbishop
  241. Korean bishops' conference backs South Korean leader's peace goal with North
  242. Two priests kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo's troubled North Kivu province
  243. Senate committee considers Callista Gingrich nomination as US ambassador to the Vatican
  244. Cameroon bishops take legal action over bishop's suspicious death
  245. Facebook restores Catholic pages after their accidental removal
  246. Jerusalem Christian leaders express 'serious concern' over escalation in tension in Old City
  247. US bishops call for permanent protection for young migrants
  248. Church in Colombia a 'prophetic voice' for peace, priest says
  249. Chinese official indicates Beijing to retain tight grip on church
  250. Churches provide refuge to Kenyans fleeing al-Shabab attacks
  251. Christians need time to rebuild trust before return to Mosul region
  252. Explosive device detonated outside Mexican bishops' offices
  253. French priest's martyrdom a life-changing event, archbishop says
  254. China tells mainland media how to refer to retired Hong Kong bishop
  255. Russia and West must settle differences to achieve peace, Cardinal Parolin says
  256. Kenyan Catholic bishops urge peaceful vote
  257. Head of Knights of Malta relief efforts says rescue of migrants at sea a 'human obligation'
  258. Cardinal says Venezuela must take blame for 10 election-related deaths
  259. Former priest leaves US prison after serving his sentence for child sex abuse
  260. US bishops urge Trump to act quickly to ease contraceptive mandate
  261. Friar's remains exhumed, relics collected ahead of beatification Mass
  262. Mexican priest stabbed at cathedral in May dies
  263. Constituent Assembly will 'mortgage' Venezuela's future, Vatican says
  264. Ethical questions surface as scientists advance gene-editing work
  265. Cardinal Tettamanzi, 'loving, beloved pastor,' dies at 83
  266. Pope names Academy for Life governing council
  267. Create unity where there is division, pope tells Peruvians ahead of visit
  268. Pope tells Belgian Brothers of Charity no more euthanasia for patients
  269. Peacemakers at White House vigil urge US to empty its nuclear arsenal
  270. Vatican investigates Indonesian bishop accused of having an affair and misappropriating church funds
  271. Vatican official hints at unofficial agreement with China on bishops
  272. US and North Korea must return to negotiating table says former Vatican diplomat
  273. Italians debate whether rescuing migrants at sea can be a crime
  274. US bishop urges diplomacy to ease US-North Korea differences warning of 'catastrophic death and destruction' from military action
  275. Nun known as 'Mother Teresa of Pakistan' to receive state funeral
  276. US bishops call for peace after white nationalist rally turns deadly
  277. Displacement of Middle East Christians 'a genocidal project' and 'humanitarian catastrophe' say patriarchs in plea to pope
  278. Archbishop says Blessed Romero could be canonised next year
  279. Venezuelan cardinal rejects US military intervention
  280. Pope prays for victims of 'devastating' mudslide in Sierra Leone
  281. Vietnam's government must respect religious freedom, says Vatican envoy
  282. Bishops of six Nigerian dioceses appeal to priests and laity to obey pope and accept Ahiara bishop
  283. Iceland population with Down syndrome 'disappearing' as nearly 100 per cent abort Downs babies
  284. More than 20 million face famine in greatest humanitarian crisis in UN's history
  285. Catholic leaders urge prayers and unity after attacks in Spain
  286. Church leaders oppose Bolivian law stripping protection for native lands
  287. Vatican pharmacy does booming business
  288. Eclipse a way to appreciate creation, Vatican astronomer tells audience
  289. Philippine bishops criticise drug war as 80 killed in one week
  290. Dublin archbishop outlines themes to prepare for World Meeting of Families
  291. Cardinal Parolin's Russia visit focuses on ecumenism and peace
  292. Polish archbishop thinks Vatican will recognise Medjugorje apparitions
  293. Priest who fathers child has moral obligation to step aside from ministry and look after mother and baby, says US cardinal
  294. US bishops form new body to address 'sin of racism' that 'afflicts' nation
  295. Catholic priests in the Central African Republic accuse UN of 'deliberately abandoning' town to rebels
  296. Rome Caritas blames police for violent removal of refugees
  297. African-American couple demands apology from former KKK priest who burnt cross in front of their house
  298. Texas parishioners shocked by devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey
  299. Vatican 'concerned' about terrorist threats and will continue to remain vigilant, says Cardinal Parolin
  300. Parishes in Macau, hit by two typhoons, hold special Masses
  301. Work against fear and hatred pope tells South Korean religious leaders
  302. Catholic leaders sharply criticise Trump's decision to end DACA
  303. Papal plane diverted en route to Colombia to avoid Hurricane Irma
  304. Pope arrives to help promote healing in Colombia, scarred by war
  305. Hurricane Irma cuts deadly path in Caribbean as church officials prepare response
  306. US Catholic church needs 'illegal aliens to fill the pews', says former White House strategist
  307. Defend life, equality, unity, pope tells Colombians
  308. In Cartagena, pope prays for Venezuela and denounces modern slavery
  309. Manila cardinal asks churches to ring bells to remember drug-war deaths
  310. Pope calls for change of culture at final Colombia mass
  311. Pope says Trump should rethink DACA as dividing families is not 'pro-life'
  312. US bishops pray for 'safety, care' of all hit hard by two massive hurricanes
  313. Chainsaw-wielding nun in Hurricane Irma aftermath becomes internet sensation
  314. Freed Indian Salesian priest meets Pope Francis
  315. US bishops urge extending renewal deadline for DACA youth in Texas, Florida
  316. Prime Minister must intervene to stop 'spiralling hatred' against Christians, say Indian bishops
  317. Indonesian church backs government anti-human-trafficking drive
  318. Salesian priest recounts harrowing tale of his capture and liberation
  319. Pope praises Rome's first interreligious half-marathon
  320. Philippine priest, kidnapped by Islamic militants, freed
  321. US judicial group launches digital ads opposing 'religious litmus test'
  322. In Russia, Orthodox artists work to revive religious sensibility
  323. Situation in Mexico 'extremely serious' following earthquake, says Bishop
  324. Chinese Catholics fear new regulations will further suppress activities
  325. Renowned investigator of Marian apparitions dies at 99
  326. War robs South Sudan youths of childhood, says bishops' conference head
  327. Pope concerned about growing anti-migrant sentiment
  328. Fr Stanley Rother, first US born martyr to be beatified, an 'authentic light for church and world'
  329. Canadian cardinal denounces 'unfaithful' and 'alarmist' interpretations of Amoris Laetitia
  330. Catholic groups decry end of special immigration status for Sudan
  331. 'Amoris Laetitia' is built on traditional Thomist morality, pope says
  332. Pope highlights dangers of 'fake news'
  333. 40 Catholic institutions to take 'moral stand' and divest from fossil fuels
  334. Pope says eliminating any difference between the sexes is 'not right'
  335. Trump administration expands exemptions on contraceptive mandate
  336. Myanmar cardinal defends country's embattled leader
  337. Legionaries pledge renewal as former rector admits fathering children
  338. Fears of malnutrition crisis as Marawi conflict continues
  339. Vatican releases pope's schedule for visit to Myanmar and Bangladesh
  340. Variety of Catholic rites in India is not threat to unity, pope says
  341. Bishop says decline of faith in West hurts Nigerian church
  342. US Catholics call on Trump to seek diplomatic solution with North Korea
  343. Canada did not seek extradition for diplomat with porn charges, says Vatican
  344. Former head of Vatican hospital found guilty of abuse of office
  345. Vatican demands Indonesian bishop repay funds he allegedly stole
  346. Ukrainian bishop sees 'real chance of peace' in country's crisis
  347. Cross honouring soldiers who died in World War I deemed unconstitutional by US court
  348. Refugees fearful as India plans to deport Rohingya
  349. Myanmar Church leaders fearful of Nationalist backlash if Pope mentions Rohingya during November visit
  350. Pope says space station crew like a 'tiny UN' with peaceful diversity
  351. Pope calls on US to welcome migrants who are 'a promise of life for the future'
  352. Populist fervour doesn't present whole truth, say European church leaders
  353. French priest receives human rights award for genocide research
  354. Spanish church leaders urge unity as government imposes control over Catalonia
  355. Catholic leaders welcome more troops in Central Africa but demand UN lift arms embargo
  356. Man celebrates beatification of Indian nun he murdered
  357. 'Horrendous attack' in New York 'weighs on all our hearts,' says cardinal
  358. Palestinian homeland needed for justice say Catholic and Anglican bishops
  359. Salesian-run ministries in Uganda aid South Sudanese fleeing violence
  360. Leading US Cardinal decries 'horrific' mass shooting at Baptist church in Texas
  361. Pope names women as undersecretaries of office for laity, family and life
  362. Catholics praise BBC series for balanced approach to Gunpowder Plot
  363. Pope puts John Paul I on path to sainthood declaring him 'venerable'
  364. Rohingya crisis may grow worse, Caritas official warns
  365. Amid political crisis, Kenyan bishops plan national dialogue forum
  366. Religious freedom must be protected, says Catholic-Muslim dialogue
  367. Pope sends condolences after quake kills hundreds in Iran and Iraq
  368. Return to civility in a time that is 'more divided than ever', says US bishops president
  369. Catholic Church sometimes has been part of racism problem, says US bishop
  370. Lebanese cardinal meets with former PM Hariri during historic Saudi Arabia visit
  371. Papal Lamborghini gift to be auctioned off for charity
  372. Quick fixes and denial won't stop climate change, pope says
  373. Chinese officials pay poor to swap religious images for portraits of Xi
  374. Pope insists he will preside at prayer service for peace in South Sudan
  375. Care for the dying does not mean obstinately resisting death, pope says
  376. Blessed Solanus lived out faith, hope and charity every day, says cardinal
  377. Vatican investigating abuse at pre-seminary
  378. Science and religion must overcome 'tragic division,' pope says
  379. Pope Francis calls Benedict's teaching 'precious heritage'
  380. First opening of Christ's tomb in centuries documented using new media
  381. Zimbabweans should have a voice in the country's new governance
  382. DRC's bishops ask Kabila to declare he will not run for president again
  383. Archbishop of Iraq celebrates memorial Mass for victims of genocide
  384. Catholics are violating church teaching if they support pro-independence movements says Spanish cardinal
  385. Church calls for calm in Honduras as election results are delayed
  386. 32 Catholic fishermen dead, hundreds missing as typhoon hits India
  387. US Supreme Court divided over gay cake case
  388. Indian bishop criticises call for execution of people who butcher cattle
  389. Polish church spokesman dismisses EU threat over abortion legislation
  390. Vatican to launch new news site
  391. Mindanao Archbishop condemns Duterte's martial law extension
  392. Helping refugees means converting hearts hardened against them, Pope says in private meeting
  393. Movement enforcing 'false idea' that a man can become a woman or vice versa 'deeply troubling' say US faith leaders
  394. Italy's advance directive law is 'euthanasia in disguise,' priest says
  395. Pope celebrates 81st birthday with children and 13-foot pizza
  396. Press must be factual and free from manipulation, pope says
  397. Vatican issues new rules on authenticating relics
  398. Pope puts founder of Rosary Crusade one step closer toward sainthood
  399. German churches act as buffer for refugees with sanctuary program
  400. Mexican security law stokes concern among Catholic human rights groups
  401. Bring peace on earth and in hearts by going to confession, pope says
  402. Gingrich formally begins service as U.S. ambassador to Holy See
  403. Indonesia tightens security for Christmas and New Year celebrations
  404. Middle East Catholic patriarchs express hope amid uncertainty at Christmas
  405. Former Vietnamese refugee becomes California bishop
  406. Vatican agency says at least 23 church workers killed in 2017
  407. Honouring Cardinal Muller, Benedict XVI says bishops never really retire
  408. Gospel message of hope is often taught by the poor, says Cardinal Tagle
  409. Democratic Republic of Congo church leaders shocked after 8 dead in anti-Kabila protests
  410. Don't confess the faults of others but own up to your own, says Pope
  411. Jesuits denounce threats against outspoken Honduran priest, activists
  412. More bishops weigh in against communion for divorced and remarried Catholics
  413. Catholic groups decry end of immigration protection for Salvadorans
  414. Pope says he goes to Chile, Peru as pilgrim of Gospel joy
  415. Zambia bans church services as cholera epidemic hits nation
  416. Vatican names Colombian bishop as trustee of scandal-hit lay movement based in Peru
  417. CAFOD calls for climate change and justice to be priorities for Pope in Peru
  418. Papal visit to Chile and Peru begins amid security concerns
  419. Pope meets with clergy sex abuse victims in Chile
  420. Pope asks young Chileans: What would Jesus do?
  421. Pope apologises to sex abuse victims, defends accused Chilean bishop
  422. Serving isolated parishes may mean ordaining married men, cardinal says
  423. Cardinal praises House for voting to protect babies who survive abortion
  424. Support families and reject 'throwaway culture', Pope tells leaders at Davos
  425. Everyone must have the right freely to profess their faith, says Pope
  426. Cardinals call for prayer and tighter gun laws after school shootings
  427. Sam Brownback, a Catholic, to be new US ambassador-at-large international religious freedom
  428. Vatican to be ‘official observer’ at Winter Olympics
  429. US bishop criticises Church’s ‘virtually silent’ response to racism
  430. Homilies must help people reflect, not send them to sleep, pope says
  431. Two ex-managers of Vatican bank ordered to pay damages for mismanagement
  432. People need to recognise ways they tolerate human trafficking, pope says
  433. Church must be more transparent in response to abuse, says head of child protection centre
  434. Francis: master of metaphor and allegory
  435. Florida school shooting: Pope sends condolences
  436. Vatican denies report Pope Benedict has degenerative disease
  437. Head of Catholic physicians' group warns of threats to conscientious objection
  438. Paul VI will be declared a saint says Pope
  439. Pope Francis moved to tears by abandoned child
  440. Cardinal removes “I love you” tweet after apologising for “misunderstanding”
  441. Confession is about mercy not threats, Pope warns priests
  442. Catholics arrested as they urge Congress to help 'Dreamers'
  443. Irish bishop resigns after criticism of his treatment of abusive priest
  444. Pope Francis pays tribute to nurse who saved his life
  445. Claims of heresy over 'Amoris Laetitia' are out of place, cardinal says
  446. Time is now to address gun violence in 'comprehensive way,' say US bishops
  447. Don't hold grudges; forgiveness comes from forgiving others, pope says
  448. Blessed Paul VI to be canonised at close of October synod, cardinal says
  449. Bishop asks federal government to work for rescue of kidnapped girls
  450. Pope Francis: No need to pay for Mass
  451. Argentina's bishops release baptism records of war's missing children
  452. 13 Pope Francis quotes
  453. Papua New Guinea’s first Cardinal says climate change is ‘disaster’ for his people
  454. Pope to celebrate Holy Thursday Mass in Rome prison
  455. Young adults ask church to welcome, listen and involve them
  456. Cardinal Tagle questions acts of 'kings' who use violence to intimidate
  457. Guam archdiocese to move offices and sell church properties
  458. Trevi Fountain coins to continue bringing fortune to Rome's needy
  459. Quebec bishops consider possibility of married priests
  460. Bishops on both sides of Mexico border criticise troop deployment
  461. ‘Is my dad in heaven?’ little boy asks Pope
  462. Catholic leaders: Winnie Mandela was a friend to South Africa's poor
  463. Violent extremists tarnish image of their own faith, cardinal says
  464. Salvadoran archdiocese argues for Romero canonisation in El Salvador
  465. Australian nun given 30 days to leave Philippines
  466. Pope, Council of Cardinals discuss new document on Roman Curia
  467. Nigerian religious leaders condemn attack that kills 19 during Mass
  468. Two priests found dead in Mexico, latest in string of attacks
  469. Clergy abuse survivors grateful after private meetings with pope
  470. Pope asks Catholics to pray the rosary for peace each day in May
  471. Catholic media must not fall behind in digital age, pope says
  472. Canadian parliament passes motion calling on Pope Francis to issue apology
  473. Philippine cardinal urges daily bell tolling to call attention to murders
  474. Love is constant caring for others, pope says at parish visit
  475. Pope calls dicastery to promote reflection on role of women
  476. Sudan rebel leader praises Catholic work in liberated area
  477. Embezzlement trial of former Vatican bank official begins
  478. Chilean bishops confirm Vatican meeting on abuse scandal
  479. German bishops release marriage prep document based on 'Amoris Laetitia'
  480. Christian persecution urgently calls churches to seek unity, pope says
  481. Volcano's lava flow displaces members of Hawaii parish
  482. Cardinal urges Canadian pro-lifers at march to 'speak more loudly by silence'
  483. Nicaraguan bishop urges Ortega to change tactics
  484. Christians and Muslims need to cooperate, not compete, cardinal says
  485. The Holy Spirit changes hearts, pope says on Pentecost
  486. Brief biographical sketches of 14 new cardinals
  487. Nicaragua bishops condemn attacks on anti-government protesters
  488. US Archdiocese to pay $210 million to sex abuse survivors
  489. Chilean priests say they felt welcomed and listened to by pope
  490. Pope prays for victims of Guatemala volcano disaster
  491. Irish president apologises to women sent to Magdalene laundries
  492. Iraq's challenges call for proactive church, patriarch tells clergy
  493. Pope sends birthday greetings to Latin American theologian
  494. Pope: Small acts of kindness, not great speeches, show God's love best
  495. Pope leads prayers for US-North Korea summit in Singapore
  496. Pope to oil execs: 'No time to lose' in switch to alternative energy
  497. Spain agrees to welcome rescue boat after Italy, Malta refuse
  498. Pope calls for World Cup in Russia to promote peace
  499. Vatican team returns to Chile to 'ask forgiveness' for clerical sex abuse
  500. Argentina moves closer to legal abortion and bishops pledge social action
  501. French church groups combine to fight anti-migrant attitudes
  502. Pope met with brother of Chilean priest found guilty of abuse
  503. Bishops across US condemn separation and detention of migrant children
  504. Synod working document: Young Catholics need church that listens to them
  505. US Bishops 'cannot, in good faith, endorse' new immigration bill
  506. Pope: Individual bishops must decide about Communion in mixed marriages
  507. Kenya parishioners disappointed after priest suspended for rapping
  508. Philippine bishops react after Duterte calls God 'stupid'
  509. US Court upholds Trump travel ban, says directive within president's scope
  510. Faith is lived with joyous gratitude, not slave like duty, pope says
  511. Pope at pallium Mass: Jesus wants disciples unafraid to aid others
  512. US bishops on fact-finding mission on immigrant detention at US-Mexican border
  513. Bishop Egan cautions Catholics on care in NHS hospitals
  514. Vatican releases schedule of pope's trip to Baltic nations
  515. Learn from the past to bring peaceful future to Middle East, pope says
  516. Vatican calls for prayers, support for seafarers, who face many risks
  517. Bishops and journalists attacked at church in Nicaragua
  518. US dioceses state political neutrality after priests attend Trump rally in clerical dress
  519. SSPX elects new superior general
  520. Indian officials seek to freeze bank accounts of Missionaries of Charity
  521. All Christians called to be missionaries, says Pope
  522. Nicaraguan bishops pray exorcism prayer as attacks continue
  523. Missionaries of Charity denies involvement with individuals accused of trafficking
  524. Central African bishops distance themselves from group promising violence
  525. 'Prosperity gospel' props up policies lacking compassion, journal says
  526. 'Dare to be in solidarity' with migrants, Italian bishops say
  527. India government checks all child care homes run by Missionaries of Charity
  528. East African bishops applaud Eritrea-Ethiopia peace process
  529. Amid hardships Syriac Catholic young people attest to their faith
  530. Cardinal Tagle laments deaths of innocent people in Philippines
  531. Archbishop Hunthausen, who died 22 July, led ecumenical efforts after Vatican II
  532. Chilean cardinal called to testify for suspected abuse cover-up
  533. Philippine clergy, advocates say human rights dying under Duterte
  534. Trial pending for US priest accused of embezzling $5 million from parish
  535. Jailed Vietnamese Catholic activist ends hunger strike
  536. Syriac Catholic bishops call attention to plight of persecuted faithful
  537. Two Catholic universities rescind Archbishop McCarrick's honorary degrees
  538. Idolatry of wealth, beauty demands a costly sacrifice, pope says
  539. Greek Catholic leaders urge country to learn lessons from wildfires
  540. Chilean bishops acknowledge failures in handling sexual abuse of minors
  541. Pope prays Blessed Paul VI will intercede for 'church he loved so much'
  542. Cardinal Cupich: Death penalty can't 'rebalance the scales of justice'
  543. Pope thanks Chilean bishops for steps taken to address abuse scandal
  544. Argentina Senate votes down abortion decriminalisation bill
  545. Underground priests removed in China for holding summer youth camp
  546. Statements from bishops of dioceses named in grand jury abuse report
  547. Pope names Venezuelan prelate to top position in Secretariat of State
  548. Pennsylvania report: Vatican expresses 'shame and sorrow'
  549. Indian church joins relief efforts as floods wreak havoc in Kerala
  550. Indiana bishop announces he'll release list of accused abusers in diocese
  551. Vatican confirms pope will meet abuse survivors in Ireland
  552. Sex abuse survivors call for investigations in every American state
  553. Clergy sex abuse crisis 'devastating' for the church, says Vatican secretary of state
  554. UN says Myanmar military leaders must face charges of genocide
  555. Latin America's bishops denounce 'shameful' attacks on pope
  556. US bishops respond to claims made in Vigano letter
  557. Vocations in Ireland have dwindled due to abuse scandal, pope says
  558. Australian bishops refuse call to lift seal of confession
  559. Former nuncio now says sanctions against McCarrick were 'private'
  560. New York latest to launch probe of church sex abuse records
  561. Indian church displeased with ruling legalizing same-sex relationships
  562. Build church unity and shun clericalism, pope tells new bishops
  563. Satan is attacking bishops; they must fight with prayer, pope says
  564. Chilean archdiocese responds with practical measures to tackle abuse
  565. Indian nun says no church response to allegations bishop raped her
  566. Pope to visit Baltic nations in late September
  567. The meaning of life is love, pope says
  568. Pope says he hopes to visit Mozambique in 2019
  569. Martyred Tibhirine monks to be beatified
  570. Words and promises are not enough to prevent abuse, archbishop says

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