Sara Maitland

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  1. I have discovered how impatient with myself and with God I can be
  2. We live in a country that endlessly privileges Christianity over other faiths
  3. ­It seems highly probable that I, along with most other human beings, will die in my sins
  4. I have never seen a Christmas card showing Salome, who doubted the virginity of Mary
  5. We live in a culture in which all the emphasis is focused on sexual love
  6. I think this is nonsense – pietistic, dualistic, exclusive, ugly, stupid nonsense
  7. We have lost the sense, strong in the early Church, that asceticism sets us free
  8. Chocolate is ‘innocent’ in the eyes of the Church. Its consumption breaks no fast
  9. Official teaching has changed throughout the whole history of the Church
  10. Beauty is getting a bad press, accused of being both ‘too subjective’ and ‘unjust’
  11. A triathlon is a dynamic and surprisingly theologically complete image of the Trinity
  12. There are more than 5,000 bishops – far more than the Pope can know personally
  13. We need to question the duty of priests not to disclose anything they learn from penitents
  14. We have never canonised an artist or a scientist for their witness to the creativity of God
  15. There is absolutely no reason to suppose that Latin is a superior language
  16. There is a profound terror – especially among men – about ‘de-gendering’ God
  17. There is no buzz in the world as sweet as the ‘high end’ moments of prayer
  18. At the centre of the gospel imagery, Jesus calls us friends
  19. Beautifully written but short on joy
  20. Nothing in the text links Mary of Magdala to the woman ‘of the city’
  21. In the name of ‘freedom of choice’, we make ourselves less happy and less honest
  22. One of the boys’ schoolmates made a thousand origami cranes for his trapped friend
  23. Desert delights: A good old-fashioned travel book by William Atkins

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