Clifford Longley

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  1. Meritocracy is ultimately a flawed project
  2. Once the doorway to fanaticism has opened, it is hard to close
  3. Lost in the post
  4. It is no coincidence that Pennsylvania voted for Trump and Wales for Brexit
  5. There is a presumption that there is something not right about homosexuality
  6. There needs to be a discussion about the pastoral care of cohabiting relationships
  7. Human sexuality remains a mystery, with many surprises still to come
  8. Politicians inhabit a virtual reality that ordinary people can tell at a glance is false
  9. How cruel Christianity can be to its own most faithful servants
  10. Austerity no longer promises anything but more of the same – no jam tomorrow
  11. The use of Latin conveyed that the liturgy was dealing with sacred mysteries
  12. A newly fertilised embryo is not, in any common sense view, a ‘person’ as you and I
  13. It is facile to dismiss Labour’s nationalisation proposals as Marxist
  14. To Karol Josef Wojtyla, freedom of speech was an alien concept
  15. Referendums seriously diminish the sovereignty of Parliament
  16. The bishops’ statement is a quantum leap from condemnation and disapproval
  17. Has Humanae Vitae subtly corrupted the Catholic soul in some way?
  18. Why cannot there be another consultation to energise the Catholic faithful?
  19. When it comes to the world of work, is Catholic Social Teaching now the only show in town?
  20. The Church is at last beginning to take financial sin as seriously as sexual sin
  21. Heartless Britain: a bureaucratic algorithm is applied to untidy personal circumstances
  22. No conviction could ever be based on the uncorroborated word of an admitted liar
  23. There is still an argument for celibacy as a sacrifice made for the sake of others
  24. Without any fanfare, Labour has absorbed Catholic Social Teaching into its policies
  25. Have the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales permitted Pelagian heresy?
  26. 2018: The year when public opinion will swing decisively against Brexit.
  27. Why Tim Farron has yet again got it wrong on gay sex
  28. Is it time for the bishops to make a 'bonfire of their vanities'?
  29. The Pope has branded fake news as the devil's work. What does this mean?
  30. Could measures to limit the freedom of anti-abortion protesters to stand outside abortion clinics be justified?
  31. Brexit, Boris and betrayal: Clifford Longley pens an open letter
  32. Why Russia and America must both stand back from Syria
  33. Windrush has cast dark shadow over reputation of Theresa May
  34. The Church’s teaching on the real presence of Christ in the liturgy is broader than people realise

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