Melanie McDonagh

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  1. A lost way of thinking: the sensibilities of a generation brought up between the wars
  2. Madness, creativity and power
  3. The man who would be king
  4. I have a reverence for the old pagans; the new ones make me reach for my revolver
  5. I am terrifically in touch with my masculine side in terms of disposition and literature
  6. Anyone who wants to is welcome to come to my funeral
  7. Melanie McDonagh’s Notebook
  8. You have to hand it to Philip Pullman: he’s a brilliant storyteller
  9. As with all good satires, Swift's essay makes you consider things afresh
  10. He’s a good man, is Tim Farron. My response would have been far less nice
  11. For all his merits, there’s a Roundhead aspect to this Pope
  12. I am the twit whose aunt can die in front of her, without her even noticing
  13. Spilling the dirt on Donald Trump's White House
  14. I want to visit the head of John the Baptist in Damascus
  15. If women have the vote now, it’s despite the Churches, not on account of them
  16. I know it’s asking a lot of an opera house to be au fait with the clergy
  17. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the 'wonderful' occasion of their marriage
  18. A project to create lifesize figures for every one of the British and Irish soldiers who died in WW1
  19. Away with the fairies: a study of magical folk in Britain and Ireland
  20. It isn't the universe that contains eternity; it is eternity that contains the universe
  21. A bearded lady on a cross ... what could be more contemporary?
  22. I stand abashed and corrected. Richard Holloway, I accept, is an example to the likes of me
  23. If I have a weakness, it is for self-help books, at least those I pick up for nothing
  24. My hopes are pinned on the Democratic Unionist Party to stick to their guns
  25. G.K. Chesterton was an anti-Semite and for that reason he ought not to be declared a saint
  26. The constraint of discretion around a president still holds after she leaves office
  27. If I were Mrs May, I’d be keen on keeping on good terms with God
  28. If I woke up not believing in God, I'd still feel the same about assisted dying
  29. A century ago, bishops would have been household names
  30. If the clergy by virtue of their ministry do not exercise authority, I’m not sure who will
  31. Abusers were treated as sinners or as men with a psychological condition rather than criminals
  32. The spiritual-but-not-religious people are those who can’t be fagged to go to church
  33. There’s not much about my university past I could remember accurately now
  34. Iconoclasm strikes me as more terrible than the killing of people
  35. Young people have plainly got a taste for a showdown between good and evil

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