Richard Leonard

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  1. The burkini ban in France is but the most recent assault on religious freedom
  2. The campaign to educate women is as much a matter of the right to life as abortion
  3. Whatever might characterise the soul, memory is an integral part of it
  4. My attitude is like Francis Xavier: I baptise anything that moves
  5. There is an important distinction between being martyred and being on a suicide mission
  6. Scandal is alive and well in the Church whenever we fail to practise what Jesus preached
  7. The Holy Father has allowed abusers to remain in the priesthood
  8. Now I had to be not just a priest but a grieving brother
  9. St Ignatius mistrusted one-size-fits-all solutions. So does the Pope
  10. Blessed, broken, poured out and shared in love for the life of the world
  11. We have lurched from uncritical respect to knee-jerk cynicism about everything
  12. Now is not the time to throw out devotion to Mary, but to reclaim a relationship with her
  13. Happiness has become an industry that is selling all of us a lie
  14. Social media moves so quickly, we are in danger of losing our ability to be still
  15. Christ our king is not found among earthly wealth and splendour
  16. The Royal Commission has laid bare the criminal dysfunctionality of the Catholic Church
  17. The Pope has been criticised on all sides for this high-flying wedding
  18. There are contradictions and tensions in US Catholicism that still unnerve me
  19. We take the body seriously, but we need to keep sport in perspective
  20. Peter and Paul were sinners whose conversions to Christ were hard-won. Just like us
  21. I wonder if the winter of discontent for Catholics in Australia is really understood

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