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  1. ‘It was humbling… they had nothing’
  2. Zimbabwe: Mugabe, farmers and the cry for justice
  3. Fresh hope for change in Zimbabwe
  4. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed nearly 9,000 people and destroyed more than 800,000 homes.
  5. Islamist militants target Christians in Kenyan shooting
  6. Catholic Church appeals to South Africa not to pull out of International Criminal Court
  7. Diocese responds to eviction claims
  8. Churches come together to welcome child refugees
  9. Government’s decision to expand Down’s screening will lead to more abortions, MP warns
  10. Venezuelan President and opposition agree to cool rehetoric following Vatican-led talks
  11. Parents shy of speaking to their children about faith
  12. Catholic schools need children of other faiths, says CES head
  13. Catholic priest puts dead foetus on the altar in a bid to rally support for Trump
  14. Australian senate blocks referendum on same-sex marriage
  15. African nations seek to block UN investigation into LGBT abuses
  16. Colombia and Farc rebels agree new peace accord
  17. Cafod fears poor could be exploited in new trade deals
  18. Irish numbers reduced as Vatican casts a wider net
  19. International Criminal Court must hold Islamic State extremists to account for barbaric 'genocide' against Christians, says Catholic Peer
  20. Vatican urges action against trafficking and labour abuses in the fishing industry
  21. Schools admissions row may go to court
  22. Islamist 'hyper extremism' threatens to erase religious diversity, finds report
  23. Bishop warns of ethnic massacre as tribal killings in South Sudan escalate
  24. Catholics join evangelicals in Malawi marching against homosexuals
  25. Diocese works with anti-slavery tsar to combat trafficking
  26. Catholic academies fail poorer pupils’
  27. BBC admits it was wrong to claim Catholic church stood 'silent' as Nazis attempted to 'eradicate Jews from Europe'
  28. Nigerian bishops call for job creation, as terrorist group exploits country’s youth
  29. Put aside ideology and focus on desperate residents, says Bishop of Aleppo
  30. Pope calls for peace, as protests erupt in the DRC over President's refusal to leave office
  31. Catholic Church in India condemns caste system in new policy document empowering Dalits
  32. Bishop laments global indifference as ethnic massacres continue in South Sudan
  33. Catholic Church brokers deal to deny Congolese President a third term
  34. New Year messages focus on hope and reconciliation
  35. Aid budget should not be used to prop up NHS, says SCIAF head
  36. Kidnapped priest ignored orders not to go to Yemen, says Indian Government
  37. Cafod steps up emergency response as refugees at risk of freezing to death
  38. Nichols renews plea to welcome refugees
  39. Philippine President dares entire Bishop's Conference to resign, as spat with Church escalates
  40. Economic inequality will inhibit reconciliation in Ivory Coast after weeks of civil warfare, warn Bishops
  41. Philippine Bishops call for public vigilance over martial law threat
  42. Church of England 'failed terribly' for not reporting abuse case says Archbishop of Canterbury
  43. Arrested Zimbabwean pastor and protest leader could face 20 years in jail
  44. Seven per cent of priests in Australia involved in abuse of children, royal commission announces
  45. Church calls for Government action as wave of murders threatens Colombia's peace accord
  46. Declare escalating drought in Kenya a national disaster, bishops urge Government
  47. Pope defends rights of Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims to 'live their faith'
  48. Actor Liam Neeson calls for Catholic and Protestant school integration in Northern Ireland
  49. Archbishop of Canterbury condemns Government decision to scrap child refugee scheme
  50. Cardinal Nichols lambasts government for abandoning its 'moral duty' over child refugees
  51. Church of England Synod backs further reconciliation with Catholics during Reformation anniversary year
  52. India must abandon anti-Christian laws, says US think tank and policy adviser to the President
  53. Bishops accuse Pakistani Government of failing to protect citizens following spate of terrorist attacks
  54. ’Violent individuals in all peoples and religions': Pope urges listeners to confront terror with love
  55. 'Our people are struggling simply to survive', warn South Sudan's bishops, as UN declares famine in parts of country
  56. Vatican cracks down on illegal sale of papal images
  57. Egyptian Christians told to 'leave or die' as Islamic State militants' campaign against them escalates
  58. Outspoken advocate of reducing human population by abortion speaks at Vatican conference
  59. Michelangelo frescoes reproduced with 99.9 per cent accuracy in Vatican digital photo project
  60. 'Bitter Lent' for Syrians who have 'lost all hope', writes Archbishop of Damascus
  61. Church not to blame for peace deal deadlock, say DRC bishops
  62. Pro-life charity welcomes UK decision not to pledge further money to 'global abortion fund'
  63. Church in Nigeria calls for the renewal of 'distorted, bloodied and corrupted' society
  64. Five nuns arrested on suspicion of covering up the rape of 17-year-old girl by Catholic priest in Kerala
  65. Catholic bishops decry lawmakers for giving 'consent for the State to kill,' as Philippines votes for death penalty
  66. South Sudanese bishop denounces president's day of prayer as a 'mockery'
  67. Millions march in protest of Peru's new national curriculum which teaches gender is 'chosen' not determined at birth
  68. Politicians should combat populism by modelling their rhetoric on that of Pope Francis, says Cardinal Nichols
  69. Catholic church in Guam establishes $1 million settlement fund for victims of sexual abuse
  70. Children in Syria pay 'heaviest price' for civil war as record numbers killed last year, says Unicef report
  71. Vatican confirms papal trip to Egypt under consideration
  72. Major appeal launched as world faces 'worst humanitarian disaster since 1945'
  73. Church in Bolivia condemns draft law to allow abortion in cases of 'extreme poverty'
  74. Pope's €100,000 donation will help young couples in Syria who decide to get married 'despite the crisis' says Aleppo priest
  75. Bishops call for 'just punishment' for those responsible for deaths of 40 girls in Guatemalan care home as its director is arrested on suspicion of homicide
  76. Jesus' tomb unveiled after historic restoration project
  77. Communion debate sparked by Amoris Laetitia 'settled long ago' in Africa, says Nigerian theologian
  78. Bible cannot be used to justify death penalty warn Philippine bishops in continued attack on Duterte's government
  79. Pope 'deeply saddened' by Westminster terrorist attack and assures those affected of his prayers
  80. Cuts to funding for urban schools will hit the poorest children, teachers warn
  81. Holy See calls for ‘intergenerational solidarity’ in climate change efforts
  82. DRC Catholic bishops withdraw from peace-talks blaming lack of 'sincere political will'
  83. Government complicit in violence against Christians, says Nigerian bishop
  84. Official UN mission to investigate alleged human rights abuses against Myanmar's Rohingya supported by church
  85. Catholic aid agencies call for long-term aid strategy for millions continuing to flee Syria, as 59 die in suspected chemical attack
  86. Bishop warns of 'permanent state of insecurity' in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as UN discovers 13 more mass graves
  87. President 'should earnestly reconsider his position' following controversial cabinet purge, warn South African bishops
  88. Free school meals an unreliable poverty measure, report finds
  89. Bosses don’t know what to do about belief
  90. A million affected by Peru floods as worst rains in two decades continue
  91. Coptic Pope survives unharmed as at least 44 die in Palm Sunday suicide attacks in Egypt
  92. Blood donors to be rewarded with reduced price entry into the Vatican Museums
  93. Egypt: 'Religious establishment not serious at all' about changing anti-Christian sentiment learnt in mosques
  94. South Sudanese leaders have 'moral obligation to take action' say Catholic bishops, as UK names violence as 'genocide'
  95. Catholic bishops denounce politicians for buying votes while drought in Kenya leaves many on 'brink of despair'
  96. 'Ordination' of a woman Catholic priest is not valid, says diocese in North Carolina
  97. Pope lambasts US military's 'Mother of all Bombs' nickname ahead of US president's visit
  98. Chibok school girls could have been saved 'three years of suffering' says Nigerian Cardinal, after dozens are freed
  99. Welby denies right-wing shift following pastoral letter urging readers to vote for 'stability'
  100. Bishop urges international support for drought-stricken Somalia as anti-terrorism laws stilt aid effort
  101. Consecration of renegade Anglican bishop not intended to splinter CofE but necessary to preserve its true 'heritage and mission' says breakaway church
  102. One in 12 forced to scavenge as Caritas claims child malnutrition in Venezuela is a humanitarian crisis
  103. Pope Francis 'deeply saddened' by 'barbaric' suicide attack in Manchester that has left 22 dead and 59 injured
  104. South African bishops condemn 'agony' of violence as one in five children sexually abused
  105. Islamic State-linked militants take Catholic priest and parishioners hostage in the Philippines
  106. Philippine Catholic archbishop approves Duterte's declaration of martial law in fight against IS
  107. Coptic Christians in Egypt accuse government of failing to protect them as IS gunmen massacre 29 in latest attack
  108. Vatican postpones Pope's mooted South Sudan trip amid security concerns
  109. Catholic priest abducted in Philippines appeals to Duterte to stop military offensive in new video
  110. Catholic doctor in Sudan's war-torn Nuba Mountains wins $1 million humanitarian award
  111. Reported cases of child abuse in England and Wales continue to rise, Catholic report finds
  112. Islam specialist chosen to lead British Jesuits
  113. Pope Francis condemns 'abhorrent' Kabul suicide bomb attack that kills 80, injures 300 more
  114. Religious and political leaders renew call for civil unity after third terror attack on the UK in three months
  115. Terrorist attacks are to do with religion says Welby, urging faith leaders to take responsibility
  116. Hundreds of British imams refuse to perform funeral prayer for London Bridge terrorists in 'unprecedented move'
  117. Paris police say attacker shot and wounded outside of Notre Dame
  118. Campaigner for child sexual abuse victims in Australia remembered for 'extraordinary courage' at state funeral
  119. Scottish Episcopal Church permits gay marriage in historic vote
  120. May strikes deal with DUP to form UK government as general election ends in hung parliament
  121. New Vatican Nuncio to Great Britain meets with the Queen
  122. Pope appoints Apostolic Nuncio to Libya
  123. Papal visit to South Sudan possible if people pursue peace, say country's bishops
  124. Ahead of elections, Zimbabwe bishops appeal to Mugabe's government to reject violence and coercion
  125. Supreme Court narrowly rejects Northern Ireland NHS-funded abortions appeal
  126. Tim Farron resigns saying it is 'impossible' to remain as Lib Dem party leader and be 'faithful to Christ'
  127. UK levels of child hunger and deprivation among the worst of the rich nations, finds report
  128. Cardinal Nichols, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Muslim leaders united in condemning Finsbury Park mosque terror attack
  129. President and ministers implicated in Gupta 'state capture' emails should resign if revelations are true, say South African bishops
  130. Welby asks predecessor, Lord Carey, to consider his position after report finds C of E 'colluded' with bishop to cover up sex offences
  131. Zambian church leaders issue stinging rebuke of country's president as political tensions worsen
  132. Pope returns long-lost royal baton during audience with Dutch king in 'testimony of reconciliation'
  133. Nigeria must 'restructure if it is to survive,' says Cardinal as ethnic tensions rise
  134. Former Archbishop of Canterbury resigns after report finds C of E colluded with sex abuse bishop
  135. Catholic priest held hostage by IS-linked militants in Philippines seen alive
  136. New proposals could see Church of England and Methodist Church repair 'tear in the body of Christ'
  137. European Court rejects plea from the parents of terminally-ill baby Charlie Gard to intervene in his case
  138. China opposes interference after Vatican expresses 'grave concern' over missing bishop
  139. Pope calls for Charlie Gard parents to be able to 'accompany and care for their child until the end'
  140. Kenyans flee homes in fear of election violence
  141. Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, says Charlie Gard cannot be moved to Vatican
  142. Pope urges G-20 leaders to make poor and refugees a priority of their summit
  143. Hospital applies for fresh court hearing for Charlie Gard following claims of new evidence
  144. Church of England passes motion welcoming transgender people
  145. High Court hears new evidence in Charlie Gard case
  146. Predominantly Catholic Malta votes to legalise same-sex marriage
  147. US doctor tells court 10 per cent chance he could improve Charlie Gard's condition
  148. Shroud of Turin marked with blood of a victim of torture, new scientific study reveals
  149. Complaining 'forbidden' says sign on Pope Francis' door
  150. Terminally-ill man challenges 1961 Suicide Act in High Court
  151. South African bishops against proposed law demanding registration of all religious practitioners
  152. Boots in morning-after-pill price row
  153. Parents of Charlie Gard condemn violent threats levelled at hospital staff
  154. Charlie Gard parents end legal fight saying it is 'too late' for treatment
  155. Senior MP pushes to legalise divorce and same-sex unions in Catholic Philippines
  156. Charlie Gard's mother returns to court to seek permission to take son home to die
  157. Feminist group claim responsibility for bomb detonated outside Mexico bishops' offices
  158. Yemen faces world's worst cholera outbreak, warns UN
  159. Belfast priest outraged by horror film showings in former Catholic church
  160. Pope Francis and Cardinal Nichols offer prayers following death of Charlie Gard
  161. Pope calls for universal commitment to fighting 'abhorrent plague' that is human trafficking
  162. Venezuelan bishops plead for country to be freed from 'claws of communism and socialism' following Sunday's vote
  163. Archbishop of Canterbury inaugurates Anglican province in Muslim-majority Sudan
  164. Knights of Columbus to 'modernise' uniform
  165. National Trust volunteers refuse to wear gay pride lanyards in protest to 'outing' of 'intensely private' former lord of the manor
  166. Pope 'deeply saddened' as 11 killed in Nigeria Catholic church attack
  167. Vatican position on Venezuela 'regrettable' says Maduro
  168. Religious leaders call for politicians to accept results as Kenya goes to polls in too close to call election
  169. Pope Francis tops world leaders with highest Twitter following
  170. Vatican condemns Maduro constitutional ruse
  171. Somaliland's only Catholic church closed days after re-opening due to 'public pressures'
  172. Dominican Republic priest arrested on suspicion of murdering former altar boy
  173. Archbishop of Mosul says over 600 Christian families have returned to northern Iraq to 'start again from scratch'
  174. Falling tree kills 12 worshippers on Portuguese island of Madeira
  175. Fewer pupils gain top A-Level Religious Education results, bucking the national trend
  176. Former Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, seriously ill in hospital
  177. Kenya bishops 'applaud' Odinga's decision to challenge election result in Supreme Court
  178. US priest temporarily steps down after revealing he was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan
  179. Chilean bishops say new bill relaxing abortion ban 'offends the conscience and the common good of citizens'
  180. Nigerian bishop demands government compensation for churches destroyed by Islamic militants
  181. Pope Francis very likely to visit Myanmar and Bangladesh before end of year
  182. No news on kidnapped Catholic priest as Islamic militants are forced from Marawi mosque
  183. Numbers of Catholics stable as more than half of British public now have 'no religion', new survey reveals
  184. Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins to play Pope Francis and Benedict XVI in upcoming Netflix drama
  185. Kidnapped Indian priest freed after over a year in captivity, Bishops' Conference of India confirms
  186. Cardinal Nichols condemns 'cowardly' bomb attack at Parsons Green station
  187. 'Party girls' sent to rural Norfolk convent in new reality TV series
  188. Bishops in England and Wales encourage prayer vigils to mark 50 years since passing of the 1967 Abortion Act
  189. Callista Gingrich confirmed as US ambassador to the Vatican
  190. Malta Archbishop condemns 'cruel murder' of investigative journalist killed in car bomb
  191. Everyday lives of Benedictine monks depicted in new BBC series
  192. Jacob Rees-Mogg on LBC radio: 11 highlights from the show
  193. How the UK government can do more to understand the role of religion globally
  194. LGBT people could be denied Catholic funerals to avoid 'public scandal of the faithful', leaked email from Madison diocese suggests
  195. Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa will reinstate order of women deacons
  196. Kenyan Catholic priest who publicly denounced the killing of opposition demonstrators by Kenyatta's government found dead
  197. Sicilian priest struggling to keep up with soaring exorcism demand
  198. 'Catastrophic' Church Lands Bill a 'shocking assault' on Christians in the Holy Land
  199. Pope begs: ’Please Lord, stop, no more, no more war’
  200. Deacon stabbed to death at half-way house on Long Island
  201. Columban Missionaries call for migration policies to include 'climate refugees' at opening of UN Conference
  202. Indian Cardinal accuses government of suppressing tribal people
  203. 'Fashion and the Catholic Imagination' theme for US Met Gala
  204. Lebanon Cardinal to demand his country be 'removed from regional conflicts'
  205. Mugabe's long-time Catholic chaplain joins mediation efforts
  206. Leonardo painting of Christ sells for $450m at auction, smashing previous records
  207. Katy Perry and Archdiocese of LA awarded $5 million in convent sale legal battle
  208. Pope denounces use of mobile phones at the wheel
  209. Statue of Jesus made of nails to be installed at Catholic church near Birmingham
  210. Hundreds of buildings worldwide floodlit in #RedWednesday initiative for persecuted Christians
  211. Protect Kenyans 'regardless of political affiliation' say Bishops after police-protestor clashes
  212. Francis prays for 'seeds of peace' in South Sudan and the DRC
  213. 'Global titans of technology' deprive working people of dignity, union leader says at Vatican
  214. Egypt Sufi mosque attack 'terrible beyond words'
  215. Catholic church 'particularly subject' to temptation to cover up abuse, inquiry told
  216. Age of Jesus' purported tomb revealed
  217. Priests at Ampleforth physically and sexually abused children as young as six, national inquiry into child abuse told
  218. Former Ampleforth headmaster tried to 'control' investigation into child sex abuse, inquiry told
  219. Philippine authorities must investigate 'unjust and brutal' killing of Catholic priest
  220. Former Abbot Laurence Soper convicted of sexually abusing boys at Catholic school
  221. Cardinal Nichols 'fears for Jerusalem' following Trump announcement
  222. Cardinal Hume and a former Downside Abbey headmaster 'did nothing at all' after a paraplegic woman informed them of alleged sex abuse
  223. Jacob Rees-Mogg calls on government to lift 'damaging' faith schools cap
  224. Pope's communication style: 'What you see is what you get'
  225. Child abuse 'tolerated' and 'indirectly encouraged' by former Downside Abbey abbots
  226. 'Very nature' of English Benedictine Congregations’ schools enabled child abuse
  227. Church of England appoints first female bishop of London
  228. Are the origins of the Christmas tree Catholic?
  229. Richard III burial site given protected status
  230. Former Abbot Laurence Soper jailed for 18 years for sexually abusing boys
  231. Queen says Christ's 'love and example' inspires her through 'good times and bad' in Christmas speech
  232. Faith in Christ leads us 'beyond the narrow confines of our self-assertion', says Cardinal Nichols
  233. 'Repay hatred with redemptive love', urges Myanmar's Cardinal Bo
  234. Tanzania threatens to close churches
  235. New digital organ in St Peter's Basilica enables high-quality rebroadcasting
  236. Gunmen kill 14 in coordinated attacks on Nigerian Christian churchgoers
  237. Vatican app to help priests preach short and 'simple' homilies
  238. Catholics protest after Chinese authorities demolish church
  239. Catholic church decries government response to protests in Democratic Republic of Congo
  240. Kenya bishops denounce 'unconstitutional' media blackout
  241. Parents of gravely ill Alfie Evans in court battle to take son to Vatican hospital
  242. South African bishops urge Zuma to 'put good of the country first'
  243. Nigeria 'under siege' Catholic bishops warn President
  244. Catholic charity to repair 2,000 homes for Christians returning to Iraq
  245. Abortion clinic buffer zones could 'foster intolerance', says Westminster bishop
  246. India's bishops appeal for 'true nationalism'
  247. Oxfam boss apologises to MPs
  248. Alfie Evans life support can end, High Court rules
  249. US evangelist Billy Graham dies aged 99
  250. Archbishop Scicluna hospitalised in Chile
  251. Cardinal Nichols pledges support to day of prayer for DRC and South Sudan
  252. Bishop Lang: Ghouta bombardment 'grievous offence to our common humanity'
  253. Holy Sepulchre closed in protest against new tax
  254. Rare Vatican treasures displayed in Met exhibition preview
  255. Pope will visit Switzerland to mark World Council of Churches 70th anniversary
  256. Children made to feel responsible for being abused in CofE
  257. Production to bring Sistine Chapel to life for 'Netflix generation'
  258. Rowan Williams admits failings over C of E child abuse
  259. Archbishop Welby to give evidence at national inquiry into child sexual abuse
  260. Archbishop Welby 'appalled and ashamed' of Church of England
  261. Church of England 'inappropriate' organisation to have charge of children, inquiry hears
  262. French Police hero honoured with state funeral
  263. Pope Francis baptises Italy's 'migrant hero' at Easter Vigil
  264. Four Christians killed in militant attack in Pakistan
  265. Ampleforth stripped of safeguarding responsibilities
  266. Zuma corruption charge evidence 'wheels of justice still turning' in South Africa
  267. Ealing council votes for abortion clinic buffer zone
  268. Catholic priest shot dead as unrest in DRC continues
  269. Guernsey Christian leaders unite in opposition to assisted dying
  270. Barros should 'without doubt' resign, says Chilean Archbishop
  271. Toronto Archbishop calls for prayer after van ploughs into pedestrians, killing 10
  272. Alfie Evans 'struggling' as parents lose latest appeal
  273. Alfie Evans parents challenge ruling preventing transfer to Italy
  274. Alfie Evans dies after long-running legal battle
  275. 'Gay cake' case to be heard at Supreme Court
  276. Cardinal Pell likely to face two trials, Melbourne court hears
  277. Isle of Man abortion law passed by island's parliament
  278. Pope calls for prayers for Central African Republic following church attack
  279. Papal Lamborghini up for auction at Sotherby's
  280. Faith and fashion at Catholic-inspired Met Gala
  281. North Korea releases three US prisoners ahead of summit
  282. Pope prays for peace after Bangui church atrocity
  283. South African bishops call for religious tolerance following deadly mosque attack
  284. Prosecutors seek blanket media ban on Pell trials
  285. Pope says he has thought about when 'to take my leave'
  286. Court worker fired for accessing information about Pell trial
  287. Pope condemns violence in Gaza saying 'war begets war'
  288. Nichols praises 'dedication' of UK's first Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner following resignation
  289. Sheep to tackle Rome's overgrown parks
  290. Guernsey parliament rejects assisted dying proposals
  291. Pope reportedly told sex abuse survivor 'does not matter' that he is gay
  292. Insisting on ordination of female priests 'heresy' and should lead to excommunication, says Brandmüller
  293. Over 3.5 million Argentinians march to protest bill to liberalise abortion laws
  294. Pope to meet with second group of Chilean abuse victims
  295. Five-year plan for 'sinicisation' of Church in China
  296. Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish government 'unequivocal supporter' of Catholic schools
  297. Urgent call for interim report on Catholic Church by national sex abuse inquiry
  298. Pope Francis: the Church is 'us who walk'
  299. News Briefing: Britain and Ireland
  300. Amended law mandates breaking seal of Confession in some cases in Australia
  301. Religious sister made MBE for her work to end modern slavery
  302. Historic Trump-Kim summit sees leaders pledge to denuclearise Korean peninsula
  303. Former diplomat will stand trial on charges of possessing and distributing child pornography
  304. Archbishop Coleridge: Law to break seal of confession 'premature and ill-judged'
  305. Zimbabwe Catholic leaders push for peaceful and fair post-Mugabe elections
  306. News Briefing: News from Britain and Ireland
  307. Grenfell anniversary: Cardinal Nichols prays for all involved in the 'unforgettable disaster'
  308. South Australian priests will defy confession laws, says Acting Archbishop
  309. News Briefing: From Britain and Ireland
  310. Church of England inquiry into child sex abuse 'flawed', finds new report
  311. Francis appoints Italian bishop to head APSA, Vatican's financial centre
  312. Nigeria bishop warns of genocide against Christians
  313. Archbishop Wilson to appeal conviction for concealing child abuse
  314. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  315. Heythrop library’s 250,000 books find new home
  316. Vote for the future of Zimbabwe not charismatic leaders, say country's bishops
  317. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  318. News Briefing: The Church in the World
  319. Patients can be starved to death in their 'best interests'
  320. Cafod 'troubled by' findings of damning aid sector report
  321. Violence breaks out in Harare as ruling party secure parliamentary majority
  322. News Briefing: From Britain and Ireland
  323. Clarke and Woodhead hit back at education service
  324. Discrimination against female job applicants condemned
  325. Pope expresses sorrow following second Indonesian earthquake
  326. Hidden Christians villages in Japan designated UNESCO site
  327. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  328. Avoiding evil is not enough, actively pursue goodness, says Pope
  329. Affordable accommodation needed 'urgently' to prevent homelessness
  330. Pro-life charity start legal action against council following expulsion from country show
  331. Pope prays for victims of Genoa bridge collapse
  332. News Briefing: From Britain and Ireland
  333. News Briefing: The Church in the World
  334. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  335. Ampleforth reverts to lay leadership, appointing first female head teacher
  336. Singapore bishops feel terribly ashamed of 'brother' priests that abuse
  337. Call for EU to 'put people of world before financial and political interests', in new freedom of religion report
  338. Kerala nuns join public protest demanding arrest of bishop
  339. Thousands of alleged sex abuse cases in German Church, report finds
  340. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  341. Over half of Dutch bishops covered-up for abusive priests, newspaper claims
  342. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  343. Persecuted Christians shown solidarity through Adoration
  344. Heterosexual civil partnerships 'leave out God', says Bishop
  345. Monaco Princess removed from British line of succession on becoming Catholic
  346. News Briefing: from Britain and Ireland
  347. Papal ferula, cross or just a garden stick?
  348. Kim Jong Un invites Pope Francis to North Korea
  349. Supreme court rules in favour of bakery in 'gay cake' case
  350. Francis says abortion is like 'hiring a hitman'
  351. News Briefing: the Church in the World
  352. Children emotionally, physically and sexually abused at Catholic-run homes, Scottish abuse inquiry finds
  353. News briefing: the Church in the World
  354. Prisons ‘failing’ society, bishops warn

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