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20 April 2017 | by D.J. Taylor

Peace offering

Oliver Park: The Easter Riots Things Unseen, online


This excellent two-part mock-documentary (14 and 16 April, available at or through the Premier Christian Radio website, purported to examine events that had taken place at Easter 2016 in West Trent. This fictitious city turned out to have a finely wrought figurative significance: a refugee camp, a vigilante group determined to uphold the local citizenry’s rights and a gang of protesters out to make trouble had combined to transform it into a high-grade political flashpoint.

If sinister Mr Masters, Gauleiter of the “City Watch” movement, was talking grimly about people his members “didn’t like the look of”, while Nat of the protesters recalled that she was “never one of the ones who was afraid of violence”, then a further complication was added by the presence of Carl Franklin, a charismatic man of peace come to West Trent to advertise the advantages of compassion and neighbourliness.


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