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14 February 2018 | by Mark Lawson

Crucial one-two

Crucial one-two


Asked why he favoured theatre over other literary forms, Tom Stoppard replied that playwriting was the only respectable way of constantly contradicting yourself. Dialogue implies dialectic, and, in the best dramas, different characters should seem to be right at various moments.

A shifting, thrilling collision of viewpoints drives Dry Powder, by young American writer Sarah Burgess. Jenny (Hayley Atwell) and Seth (Tom Riley) are two of the co-founders of KMM Capital Management, a private equity fund in New York. So-called PE firms are the turkey farmers of capitalism: buying into young companies, fattening and plucking them until they are attractive to the market, not stopping to mourn for the turkeys or worry if the process upsets vegetarians.


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