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Cordileone and Pelosi clash over marriage march

26 June 2014 | by James Roberts , Michael Sean Winters | Comments: 1

At the march for Marriage rally in Washington DC last Thursday, the Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, delivered a pro-marriage speech defying calls for him to not participate from the Catholic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and pro-gay groups.“Every child comes from a man and a woman, and has a right, a natural human right, to know and be known by, to love and be loved by, their own mother and father. This is the great public good that marriage is oriented towards and protects,” Archbishop Cordileone said. Ms Pelosi and pro-gay groups urged the archbishop last week not to attend the march, sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage and supported by several pro-traditional-marriage groups, claiming that some of the ­participants show “dis ....... ....... ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........

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Comment by: Jim McCrea
Posted: 27/06/2014 00:24:23

"Meanwhile, four chairmen of different USCCB committees, including Archbishop Cordileone, issued a statement expressing their concern about President Barack Obama’s announced intention to bar corporations that contract with the federal Government from discriminating against gays and lesbians."

As the English have been known to say: "If you take the Queen's shilling, then you must do the Queen's bidding."

The USCCB delights in taking taxpayers' money (from all taxpayers, not just those who share the bishops' biases) in support of their charitable and other programs (such as Catholic Charities, a very worthwhile cause), but develop high dudgeon when told that they must abide by the non-discrimination rules applicable to all government contractors.

The answer is simple: do not take taxpayers' money and be free to discriminate at will.

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