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19 July 2014
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The Church in the World

17 July 2014 by Christopher Lamb, Ruth Gledhill

The Church of England’s decision to ordain women bishops has put a new burden on ecumenical relations, leading figures have said.

17 July 2014 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

Pope Francis has reportedly claimed that about one in every 50 Catholic priests is a paedophile, writes Hannah Roberts.

17 July 2014 by Fredrick Nzwili

A Somali Muslim restaurant in Nairobi is seeking 88 million shillings (£630,000) in compensation from the Kenyan Catholic Church, for its alleged eviction from a church building in the capital, writes Fredrick Nzwili.

Pope Francis has described the plight of child migrants travelling to the United States as a humani­tarian emergency and called for urgent measures to help them.

17 July 2014 by Isabel de Bertodano

The Catholic University of La Plata has said it wholeheartedly supports Archbishop Héctor Aguer who condemned as “abominable” the filming of a gay video in the city’s cathedral, writes Isabel de Bertodano.

17 July 2014 by Isabel de Bertodano

The Venezuelan bishops have rejected accusations that they are acting politically in demanding the release of dozens of students and activists who are in jail, writes Isabel de Bertodano.

17 July 2014 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

THE GOVERNOR of the Bank of England and Pope Francis both stressed this week that the human person must be at the centre of the global economy.

17 July 2014 by Michael Sean Winters

The Diocese of Baton Rouge has accused Louisiana’s Supreme Court of “an attack on the seal of confession”. The court reinstated a lower court order, compelling a priest to testify about what a child told him in the confessional, writes Michael Sean Winters.

17 July 2014 by Christa Pongratz-Lippitt

A bitter clash between the Catholic Church and the Lutherans in Germany is threatening the planned joint celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.

17 July 2014 by Christa Pongratz-Lippitt

The news that Pope Francis has appointed Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, currently Archbishop of Berlin, to take over the Archdiocese of Cologne, Germany’s largest and wealthiest diocese, has been warmly welcomed, writes Christa Pongratz-Lippitt.

17 July 2014 by Fredrick Nzwili

The Sudanese Government says it will not allow construction of new churches in the country, writes Fredrick Nzwili.

Previous issues

10 July 2014 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

In the latest of Pope Francis’ sweeping reforms to Vatican finances, he has appointed a new board to the scandal-plagued Vatican bank (IOR) with French financier Jean-Baptiste de Franssu as president.

10 July 2014 by James Roberts

LORD (CHRIS) PATTEN of Barnes has been appointed ­president of a new committee that will propose reforms to Vatican media outlets.

10 July 2014 by Francis McDonagh

An Argentinian court has found two former members of the 1976-83 military junta, Luciano Benjamín Menéndez and Luis Fernando Estrella, guilty of the murder of Bishop Enrique Angelelli of La Rioja on 4 August 1976.

10 July 2014 by Isabel de Bertodano

A diocese in Paraguay is to receive an apostolic visitation as part of an investigation into the activities of a priest accused of sex abuse, writes Isabel de Bertodano

10 July 2014 by Sarah Mac Donald

A leading American bishop has warned the Obama Administration it should not try to define who the beneficiaries of the Bill of Rights are.

10 July 2014 by Michael Sean Winters

The Obama Administration’s plan to ban corporations that contract with the federal Government from discriminating against gays and lesbians is meeting religious resistance.

10 July 2014 by Michael Sean Winters

The Archdiocese of St Paul, Minnesota, announced that it has hired a prominent law firm to conduct an independent investigation into charges that Archbishop John Nienstedt engaged in inappropriate sexual activity, writes Michael Sean Winters.

10 July 2014 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

A religious procession performed a “salute” to a Mafia godfather in southern Italy despite Pope Francis’ condemnation of the Mob.

10 July 2014 by Ellen Teague

Three Eastern Catholic patriarchs and two Orthodox patriarchs issued a statement on 1 July urging “the world to prevent Iraq’s disintegration and save its people from the scourge of a devastating war”.

10 July 2014 by Tom Heneghan

Archbishop Georges Pontier, president of the French Bishops’ Conference, has urged French Catholics to support persecuted Christians in the Middle East, by both sending contributions for their communities there and offering support for Christian refugees who arrive in France.

03 July 2014 by Christa Pongratz-Lippitt

THE MAIN AIM of Pope Francis’ pontificate is to draw the world’s attention to the poor and to change the global structures that lead to poverty, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said in a long interview last week.

03 July 2014 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

POPE FRANCIS has attributed the declining birthrate in Europe to the economic crisis as much as to the “culture of hedonism and selfishness”.

03 July 2014

THE FUTURE leader of the Church in Ireland has said he does not believe change in the Church’s fundamental teachings on marriage and human sexuality are likely to follow the extraordinary synod on the family in October.

THE GOVERNMENT of the Dominican Republic has welcomed the news that a former Vatican nuncio accused of child abuse is to be laicised, adding that it will not seek his extradition.

03 July 2014 by Christa Pongratz-Lippitt

THE GERMAN Church should learn from the global perspective of the synod document on the family, the president of the German bishops’ conference claimed this week, writes Christa Pongratz-Lippitt.

03 July 2014 by James Roberts

DURING A conference in Sarajevo discussing interreligious violence, Cardinal Vinko Puljic stated that Catholics face great persecution in Bosnia-Herzogovina because of a severe lack of “ethnic equality”, writes James Roberts.

03 July 2014 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

ONE OF THE leaders of the Communion and Liberation movement has been banished to a life of penitence and prayer after being found guilty under canon law of child abuse.

03 July 2014 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

A SPECIAL pontifical supervisory “assistant” to the Legionaries of Christ was expected to be announced on Thursday.

03 July 2014 by Fredrick Nzwili

CATHOLIC CHURCH officials in northern Nigeria’s Diocese of Maiduguri are warning of “genocide” against the Christian minority in the region, where daily attacks, killings and abductions by Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram are continuing unabated.

03 July 2014 by Ellen Teague

AS THE jihadist terrorist group Isis claimed last Monday that it is establishing a caliphate or Islamic state on the territories it controls in Iraq and Syria, the Syrian Catholic Archbishop of Mosul appealed to international politicians and organisations to “save us!”

03 July 2014 by Michael Sean Winters

THE US SUPREME Court on Tuesday ruled 5-4 that companies with religious convictions can be exempt from the requirement that employers provide insurance coverage for contraception.

26 June 2014 by Catherine Pepinster

The reality of the lives of Catholics across the world is revealed this week in the working document for the forthcoming Extraordinary Synod on Marriage and the Family.

26 June 2014 by Ruth Gledhill

The General Synod of the Church of England is expected to give the go-ahead for women bishops next month in a decision described by William Fittall, the secretary general, as “the most important for the past 20 years”, writes Ruth Gledhill.

26 June 2014 by Liz Dodd

Pope Francis last week launched an attack on the Italian Mafia, saying that mobsters adore evil and are excommunicated.

26 June 2014 by Liz Dodd

Pope Francis last week launched an attack on the Italian Mafia, saying that mobsters adore evil and are excommunicated.

At the march for Marriage rally in Washington DC last Thursday, the Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, delivered a pro-marriage speech defying calls for him to not participate from the Catholic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and pro-gay groups.

26 June 2014 by Peter Kavanagh

Toronto Archbishop Cardinal Thomas Collins has expressed outrage over a decision by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) to take part in the World Pride Parade hosted this year in Toronto, writes Peter Kavanagh.

26 June 2014 by Jon Stibbs

The Mexican parliament has amended the law that bans preaching about politics and pressurising the faithful on how to vote. On 19 June, both the Senate and lower house allowed priests to “orient” their parishioners on how they should cast their ballot.

26 June 2014 by Isabel de Bertodano

The Archbishop of Bahía Blanca in Argentina has been charged with protecting an armed forces chaplain accused of crimes against humanity during the last military dictatorship, writes Isabel de Bertodano.

19 June 2014 by Christopher Lamb

Following the meeting at the Vatican between Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the two have vowed to unite in combating human trafficking. “As disciples sent to heal a wounded world, we stand together, with perseverance and determination, against this grave evil,” the Pope said to the archbishop on Monday.

19 June 2014 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

Pope Francis has revealed that he plans to follow in the footsteps of Pope Benedict and retire when he is “no longer able to go on”, writes Hannah Roberts.

19 June 2014 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

The international community should stay out of efforts to halt the insurgency by militia who have seized control of a number of Iraq’s northern cities, Baghdad’s Latin-rite archbishop has said.

19 June 2014 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

Dozens of homeless migrants have occupied a church linked to Pope Francis, demanding political asylum from the Vatican. Around 120 people, including 15 children, have taken shelter in Santa Maria Maggiore, the Marian basilica where Francis prays before major endeavours, such as his trip to the Holy Land on 24 May.

19 June 2014 by Isabel de Bertodano

Pope Francis’ love of football is famous and it can be assumed that he is supporting Argentina during the World Cup. But Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was worried how this might work out.

19 June 2014 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

The Vatican has cut back Pope Francis’ heavy workload for the summer months, but is making no mention of a holiday for him, after 16 months of solid work, writes Hannah Roberts.

19 June 2014 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

The “Pope’s hospital” faces accusations that it is carrying out euthanasia on very sick patients ahead of a planned visit by Francis next Friday (27 June), writes Hannah Roberts.