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28 January 2016 | by Christopher Lamb

View from Rome

In the Terza Loggia, the third floor of the Apostolic Palace, they are preparing for some personnel changes. This is where the powerful Secretariat of State, which runs the Holy See’s network of embassies and helps the Pope in governing the Church, has its offices. Any visitor would walk past stunning Renaissance paintings of maps of the world, a reminder of the papacy’s global power both past and present. Under Pope Francis, the Secretariat of State, led by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, has consolidated its position of influence, in many ways thanks to Francis’ presence on the world stage. One of the most important English-speaking officials at the secretariat is Mgr Peter Wells, an American priest of the Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who has served as assessore


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Comment by: Kits
Posted: 19/03/2016 04:08:48
I've always been interested in how diplomacy has (and has not) worked throughout the ages. Fascinating to read about the Vatican Secretariat of State machinations who you know, who you've worked with, where you're from, what schools you went to - not so very different from any diplomatic group. It is somewhat confusing as to how the Vatican SecState two sections (?) work together. Does one side exert more influence? It's dated, but I've read Reese's "Inside the Vatican". Interesting. Careerism aside (assuming that is how the word is using in a Vatican sense) can you tell who would be see an ones to watch in the upcoming years? What are typical paths (e.g., your mention of the Assessore position)? Thank you!

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