View From Rome

View from Rome

21 January 2016 | by Christopher Lamb

In his relatively short time as the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis is able to list a series of achievements: an ­(ongoing) overhaul of Vatican finances, a rebooted Synod of Bishops and a more collegial form of governance. And perhaps most important of all, he has shifted the Catholic conversation from what the Church is against – secularism and relativism – to what it is for: the poor, mercy and the created world. But the question some are asking is: could a more conservative-minded Pope undo the Francis gains? One way this Pope can ensure the rewind button isn’t pressed on his legacy is through the naming of new cardinals, the men who will choose his successor. Since his election, he has named 31 out of the 117 cardinals under 80 and eligible to vote in a co

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