Latest Issue: 20-27 December 2014
20-27 December 2014
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Texts, speeches, homilies

25 December 2013

Pope Francis prayed for victims of violence and war in his Christmas Urbi et Orbi blessing.

25 December 2013

The Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, highlighted the plight of Christians in the Middle East in his homily for Midnight Mass at Westminster Cathedral in London on Christmas Eve.

24 December 2013

Pope Francis tonight presided at his first Christmas Mass as Bishop of Rome, telling worshippers in a brief homily that Jesus is not just a teacher of wisdom, but is the meaning of life and history, the light who brightens our darkness and is our peace.

18 December 2013

The Prince of Wales made an unprecented plea for the protection of the Middle East's ancient Christian Churches, who he said were being deliberately targeted by Islamic extremists.

12 December 2013

In his first message to mark World Peace Day, which falls on 1 January, Pope Francis made a renewed attack on the global economic system as well as highlighting human trafficking, the absence of religious freedom and organised crime as threats to global peace.

11 December 2013 by Durban Cardinal Wilfrid Napier's tribute to Mandela

To almost everyone who hears the name Nelson Mandela (or even more fondly, Madiba) the first thought is that he is the icon of what is good and true in man today.

29 November 2013

Church reform is forging ahead. In his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis not only intensifies his criticism of capitalism and the fact that money rules the world, but speaks out clearly in favour of church reform “at all levels”.

29 November 2013

A plaque was unveiled in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey last Friday to commemorate the author and Christian apologist C S Lewis on the 50th anniversary of his death.

27 November 2013

The Archbishop of Birmingham, Bernard Longley, strikes a conciliatory tone as he praises the work of Catholic charities caring for some of the city’s most vulnerable residents

26 November 2013

Pope Francis unveiled his blueprint for a decentralised and more pastoral Church that is focused on the needs of those within and outside it rather than preoccupied with its own prestige.