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The traditionalist Society of St. Pius X elected 47-year-old Father Davide Pagliarani, an Italian member of the society, as its superior general.

The Catholic Church has been challenged to condemn so-called “gay conversion therapy” after the Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced that her Government was banning the controversial practice.  

Journalists understand that the identity of a confidential source must be concealed, even at the risk of prison for contempt of court. Fortunately, it rarely happens. It is even less likely that a Catholic priest would ever be called upon to reveal something said to him under the seal of the confessional

Inaction by the silent majority in the face of global warming remains the biggest threat to the wellbeing of the earth, its creatures and its vulnerable communities

His paintings fetch five figures in Mayfair. But, as this Catholic scion tells Peter Stanford, while his pictures are poised, he is all too aware of human imperfections

After the resignations of two senior cabinet ministers within 24 hours, an ever weaker Theresa May has a matter of months to finalise negotiations with the EU before the UK leaves Europe. It might not be the end of civilisation just yet, but there are some alarming precedents

The latest statement exploring dialogue urges the Churches to learn from their structural differences – the Catholic sense of global unity, the Anglican emphasis on local autonomy

This week police in the UK launched a murder inquiry into the death of a woman exposed to the Russian nerve agent Novichok. But in Moscow all the talk was about how the triumph of the World Cup organisation could affect the country’s reputation abroad and its people at home

ABOUT 20 years ago I went to Bhutan to visit an architect friend who was working there. It was quite the most extraordinary trip; as close as I’ll ever get to the society of the early modern period here.

Women are assuming leadership roles in the administrative headquarters of many of the dioceses of England and Wales and at the Bishops’ Conference offices in London.


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