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In a tiny candle-lit corridor, barely wide enough for two people, a young man in a black t-shirt and jeans pushes past me, crossing himself rapidly. He holds in his right hand, as do all of the many people down here, a candle, which makes the underground cinerarium glow with orange light.

The tragedies that have been visited on South Sudan since the outbreak of civil war in 2013, when the new country was just two years old, are countless. More than 50,000 people have been killed and 1.6 million displaced, according to the US-based Council of Foreign Relations.

Its Easter Week in Lourdes and a sunny afternoon in the prairie, across the river from the Lourdes Grotto. Groups of HCPT - The Pilgrimage Trust, which takes disabled and disadvantaged children to Lourdes, are playing on the grass.

I was on my knees fixing IV drips to people’s arms as they lay on the ground in a makeshift treatment centre in the town of Luuq in Gedo Province, southern Somalia.

Tensions between conservatives and progressives still mark the Spanish Church, and when the Episcopal Conference voted for their President last month, there was concern to know which way it would go. But the votes settled decisively (52 out of 76) on renewing the mandate of the moderate incumbent, Bishop Ricardo Blazquez of Valladolid, who is skilled at achieving consensus...

Work began for purely practical reasons, but by the time that the site of Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem was fully renovated at the end of March, it was clear that the process had an impact far beyond the site’s structural foundations — in the realm of history and archaeology...

On Sunday 25 September 2011 in La Monumental bull ring Barcelona, in the heat of the afternoon, the very last bull was killed and dragged unceremoniously out of the arena by two carthorses and the blood raked into the sand.

This winter, as a peace delegate from Voices for Creative Nonviolence UK, I visited the Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV) in Kabul, a community of about over thirty-fivesixty young men and women, who, at the same time as completing their studies, run the projects of the Borderfree Centre.

Nearly two million visitors attended the celebrations in Valencia this year for the feast of St Joseph on 19 March – which is also Father’s Day in Spain. Known as Las Fallas, the Valencia fiesta had a record turn-out, after being declared by UNESCO last year to be an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

When the president of Poland's Bishops Conference called last week for a return to domestic "harmony and peace", he expressed a growing unease about the depth of political antagonisms now dividing the country.

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