Konstanz celebrates its good fortune 600 years on

07 June 2017


Konstanz celebrates its good fortune 600 years on
When bishops meet in Rome next year for the synod on youth, they might spare a thought for their predecessors at the Council of Constance (1414-18).

Requiem for Europe?
The “Remoaners” who believe Britain should not leave the EU may have thought their grief had found a home in James MacMillan’s new work, A European Requiem, which receives its European premiere at the BBC Proms on 30 July.

Home truths
Awareness and understanding are often touted as part of developing dialogue that contributes to building lasting peace. One might expect that Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms, by the British former diplomat and fluent Arabic-speaker Gerard Russell, would be essential reading in the post-Islamic State Iraq.

Guitar hero
It may be approaching midsummer but it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas – next year! So thinks the Austrian province of Salzburg, which has invited Pope Francis for its 200th anniversary celebrations of one of its famous exports, the lilting carol “Silent Night”.

Unorthodox icons
Along with cricket devotees, the Leeds suburb of Headingley has of late been attracting members of the Russian Orthodox Church, drawn to an oratory chapel in the parish of St Jeanne Jugan lavishly decorated with icons.

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