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3 October 2015
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31 December 2014 09:32 by Abigail Frymann Rouch, Elena Curti

The publishers HarperCollins is withdrawing from sale an atlas that omitted Israel from its maps after the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales said it was harmful to peace efforts in the Middle East.

30 December 2014 17:30 by Liz Dodd, James Roberts, Hannah Roberts in Rome

Reform of the Vatican bureaucracy, the environment and the protection of religious minorities will be high on Pope Francis’ agenda for 2015.

30 December 2014 15:26 by Joanna Moorhead

A group of snow-stranded coach passengers have paid tribute to the Catholic parishioners who opened their church and its hall, and provided them with hot drinks, mince pies and a place to shelter for the night.

30 December 2014 15:24 by Liz Dodd

An Anglican bishop has said gay clergy should be permitted to enter same-sex marriages and urged Christians to pray for those fighting the Church of England’s “serious institutional homophobia”.

30 December 2014 15:21 by Liz Dodd, Fredrick Nzwili

The Archbishop of Canterbury has asked people to pray for the first British ebola victim to be diagnosed with the disease in the UK.

29 December 2014 16:37 by James Roberts, Liz Dodd

Almost six million people attended papal events at the Vatican this year, the Holy See announced.

29 December 2014 13:30 by Liz Dodd

Islamic State militants looted and blew up a Catholic church in Mosul over Christmas.

29 December 2014 13:29 by Liz Dodd

Pope Francis has condemned cultures that prioritise quality of life over the right to life in his message for the 2015 World Day for the Sick.

29 December 2014 13:24 by Christa Pongratz-Lippitt

The great majority of German bishops would like to see remarried divorcees being allowed to receive the Sacraments under certain specified circumstances.

28 December 2014 14:20 by Liz Dodd

The Archbishop of Canterbury has expressed thanks for prayers and support as he recovers from pneumonia.