Latest Issue: 29 August 2015
29 August 2015
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07 January 2015 14:06 by Christa Pongratz-Lippitt

German bishops have called for an “unemotional, objective” debate on immigration, the growing number of refugees and Islam, in the face of demonstrations that are dividing German society.

06 January 2015 15:36 by Liz Dodd

The Vatican is to become more involved in international politics, its most senior diplomat has said.

06 January 2015 14:40 by Fredrick Nzwili

A Catholic priest in Libya has highlighted the threat posed by armed gangs in the country, a day after the release of 13 Egyptian Coptic Christians who were seized by gunmen in the northern city of Sirte on 3 January.

06 January 2015 13:07

Antwerp Bishop Johan Bonny, widely tipped in Belgium as the next Archbishop of Brussels and thus the country’s Primate, has whipped up a storm by calling for Church recognition of same-sex relationships.

04 January 2015 12:00 by Elena Curti

Pope Francis announced at this morning's Angelus the names of the 15 men who are to receive red hats in a consistory next month.

02 January 2015 13:26 by Christopher Lamb

A deeper understanding of spirituality is needed to address problems such as political alienation, the ecological crisis and the decline in trust for major public institutions, according to a new report from the Royal Society of Arts (RSA).

02 January 2015 13:20 by Sarah Mac Donald in Dublin

Open and unhindered debate by all sides of opinion must be heard ahead of May’s referendum in the Republic of Ireland on gay marriage, according to the Archbishop of Armagh, saying that it was a chance for faith groups to put their case.

02 January 2015 13:07 by Joanna Moorhead

A religious sister who has taken charge of a Catholic church in the south of England has been “warmly welcomed” by her parishioners, according to the priest who says Sunday mass there.

01 January 2015 00:01 by Liz Dodd

Christianity formed Britain’s national identity, the Archbishop of Canterbury was due to say at the turn of the year, as he urged people to respond generously and with hope to international disasters such as ebola.

31 December 2014 11:42 by Christopher Lamb

The quality of theological research undertaken by Heythrop College has dramatically improved, according to a major assessment of the expertise of British universities.