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18 October 2014
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17 February 2014 12:19 by James Macintyre

Westminster Archbishop Vincent Nichols, who is to be made a cardinal by Pope Francis on Saturday, has criticised the Government’s welfare cuts, calling them a “disgrace” and arguing that a safety net for the country’s most poor has been removed.

14 February 2014 16:08 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

The leader of the Vatican’s social justice office has revived his call for a global regulatory body of the world’s financial systems, despite the Holy See initially distancing itself from the idea.

14 February 2014 15:23 by Christopher Lamb

A leading Anglican thinker has described popular charismatic “worship songs” as impoverishing Christian liturgy.

14 February 2014 15:15 by Liz Dodd and Robert Mickens

Pope Francis urged 10,000 engaged couples who gathered in St Peter’s Square this morning to build their relationship on charity and not to be afraid of “for ever”.

13 February 2014 17:26

We regret to announce that some subscribers to The Tablet will receive their copy of our print edition late this week.

13 February 2014 15:31 by Christopher Lamb

The Catholic Education Service’s former Religious Education Adviser has appeared in court charged with possessing more than 5,000 indecent images of children.

13 February 2014 14:28 by Isabel de Bertodano

Pope Francis is reportedly preparing to convene crisis talks between representatives of the Argentine president, union bosses and business leaders, as the country slides into financial turmoil.

13 February 2014 14:25 by Catherine Pepinster

Europe is in danger of betraying its Christian heritage unless Christians find new ways to influence Western society, Cardinal Reinhart Marx warned this week during a lecture held in Oxford.

13 February 2014 14:15 by Michael Sean Winters

A teacher at a Catholic middle school in Butte, Montana was fired after she became pregnant out of wedlock.

13 February 2014 14:14 by Robert Mickens

Pope Francis has told Sri Lankan pilgrims to the Vatican he would like to visit their country, but the dates for such a trip are still uncertain.