Latest Issue: 22 November 2014
22 November 2014
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Catholic jobs
Catholic jobs


26 March 2014 13:40

Robert Mickens has been suspended as The Tablet's Rome correspondent following remarks made by him on the Facebook website about the Pope Emeritus. An enquiry is now being carried out.

26 March 2014 13:09

The newly elected Muslim mayor of Nazareth wants the Feast of the Annunciation to be proclaimed a civic holiday in Nazareth.

26 March 2014 13:08 by James Macintyre

Traditional “Victorian” expectations of family life should give way to a much greater understanding of those with “patchwork” families or who live on their own, a leading lay Catholic academic has said.

26 March 2014 12:33 by Josef Pazderka

Several Catholic priests in Ukraine fled the country’s Black Sea region of Crimea after receiving threatening phone calls and messages from local pro-Russian armed militia and being abducted for several days.

The former Bishop of Limburg, whose resignation was accepted by Pope Francis last Wednesday, has issued an apology for spending €31m on refurbishing his residence.

25 March 2014 13:55 by Liz Dodd

The last Catholic adoption agency in Scotland has won the right to place children according to its Catholic ethos.

25 March 2014 13:39 by Liz Dodd

A 26ft (8m) mural depicting the reconstruction of Buckfast Abbey Church is to be unveiled by its Benedictine monastic community next week.

24 March 2014 15:38 by Liz Dodd

A Catholic charity has given an “exceptional” £420,000 towards the construction of Bahrain’s first Catholic cathedral, which will also serve Catholics in neighbouring Saudi Arabia, where church-building is outlawed.

24 March 2014 13:41 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

A priest in the Ordinariate created for former Anglicans has been suspended after it emerged that he had entered a civil partnership to help a Pakistani immigrant remain in Britain.

24 March 2014 12:28 by Christopher Lamb

The Diocese of Leeds has cut £800,000 from its central expenditure and put a freeze on parish building projects in order to balance its books.