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18 April 2015
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27 October 2014 15:11 by Liz Dodd

Priests should refuse absolution to people who confess to abusing children, a Catholic academic has said, days after the Church of England announced it would be examining whether abuse admitted in the confessional should remain confidential.

24 October 2014 14:35 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

Pope Francis has ordered an inquiry into an Italian bishop over the alleged behaviour of some of its priests.

24 October 2014 14:34 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

The Catholic Church is educating Myanmar citizens about their democratic rights to ensure that next year’s general election – the second in more than 50 years – is not “worthless”.

24 October 2014 14:33 by Sarah Mac Donald

THE FORMER head of the Church body set up to protect children in Ireland this week attacked the country’s bishops, accusing them of “minimal responses and empty gestures” when dealing with clerical abuse.

24 October 2014 14:32 by Liz Dodd, CNS

Pope Francis has called for abolition of the death penalty and life imprisonment, saying that Christians are called to campaign for an end to capital punishment.

23 October 2014 14:52

The rector-archpriest of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris has denounced the idea of charging admission fees for tourists at France's most famous churches, saying such a fee would make free access for believers all but impossible to ensure.

23 October 2014 14:47 by Jonathan Luxmoore

German church leaders have criticised a cross-party bill to allow assisted suicide, which is currently unregulated in the country.

23 October 2014 14:42 by Joanna Moorhead, Liz Dodd

THE PROPORTION of British people identifying themselves as Anglican has halved in the last 50 years, while the proportion of Roman Catholics has remained largely steady, according to new data.

23 October 2014 14:34 by Liz Dodd

A senior Catholic MP has accused the Government of putting migrants’ health at risk by restricting their access to free health care.

22 October 2014 17:59 by James Roberts

Archbishop Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Philadelphia, has said that democracy in America has now reached a point where it has the power to “kill souls”.