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23 May 2015
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30 November 2014 10:54 by Liz Dodd in Istanbul

An historic joint declaration signed this morning by Pope Francis and the Ecumenical Patriarch pledged to intensify efforts to secure full union between their two Churches and called for peace and reconciliation in the Middle East.

30 November 2014 09:13 by Liz Dodd in Istanbul

Full communion between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches is on the horizon, Pope Francis said this morning, in an impassioned call for unity that marked the feast day of the Patron Saint of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, St Andrew.

29 November 2014 19:03 by Liz Dodd in Istanbul

Pope Francis bowed to receive a kiss and the blessing of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew during a joint service of thanksgiving this evening in Istanbul.

29 November 2014 16:17 by Liz Dodd in Istanbul

Christian denominations must embrace their God-given diversity for the sake of unity, Francis told a congregation that included the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople during an intimate Mass for Istanbul's Catholics this afternoon.

29 November 2014 11:45 by Liz Dodd in Istanbul

Pope Francis this morning visited two of Istanbul's great cultural landmarks, the Hagia Sofia museum that was orignally a church, and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, where he stood in silent reflection beside the Grand Mufti of Istanbul in a moment of shared worship.

28 November 2014 14:26 by James Roberts, Liz Dodd in Istanbul

Pope Francis made the plight of Christians in the Middle East the focus of the first day of his trip to Turkey, and in a powerful speech this afternoon called on Muslim and Christian leaders to denounce violence for the sake of their shared common traditions which include “the adoration of the All-Merciful God”.

28 November 2014 13:00 by Isabel de Bertodano

Three priests and a teacher have been arrested in connection with a sex abuse scandal in Granada.

28 November 2014 12:33 by Brian Morton, Christopher Lamb

Pray at work, do not gossip and be fair in your dealings with others: these are some of the ideas put forward by the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh in an evangelisation drive inspired by Pope Francis.

28 November 2014 12:24 by Joanna Moorhead

A major new international partnership between the Church and law enforcement agencies is to be announced at next week’s meeting in London of the Santa Marta group to combat human trafficking.

27 November 2014 17:56 by Liz Dodd

When Francis lands in the Turkish capital Ankara on Friday he will embark on a visit around the historic geographical and cultural meeting point between East and the West.