Enter into the spirit of mercy

17 December 2015 | by Vincent Nicols
To all staff and readers of The Tablet I send my Christmas greetings.

Why Christmas is as good as a chilled lager

17 December 2015 | by Leo Cushley
Which movie best captures the essence of Advent and the spirit of Christmas? Miracle on 34th Street? It’s a Wonderful Life? White Christmas? Well here is my suggestion: Ice Cold in Alex. Let me explain.

Bishops in Ireland have spoken of their concern over the increasing numbers of individuals and families registering themselves as homeless, writes Sarah Mac Donald.

Pope Francis and his cardinal advisers are to focus their reforming efforts on Church decentralisation. The Council of Cardinals - known as the C9 - concluded their twelfth meeting from 10-12 December and announced they will dedicate a special session to the topic at their next gathering on the 8-9 February. 

Pope Francis has warned Catholics to beware people who will look to profit from their faith after police seized fake parchments worth an estimated £50,000 from a souvenir shop near the Vatican. Rome's financial police have placed 35 officer on operation Jubilaeum, which aims to counter the influx of traders looking to make a profit out of Jubilee Year 

A priest from the Archdiocese of New York who has been accused by his parishioners of stealing as much as $1 million from his parish to pay for gay sex with a bodybuilding 'slave master' called Keith Crist and illegal drugs has stepped down as pastor of St Frances de Chantal in the Bronx. Parishioners say that they had made numerous complaints to the office of Cardinal Timothy Dolan (pictured) of New York before the archdiocese began an investigation into the conduct of the 52-year-old priest. 

Pope Francis called for abolishing the death penalty worldwide, lifting the burden of debt on poor nations, global aid policies that respect life and revamped laws that welcome and integrate migrants in his message for World Peace Day, on New Year's Day

Cardinal George Pell has defended his decision not to return to Australia for this week's public hearing of the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse, with a spokesperson saying reports casting doubt on the authenticity of the Cardinal's heart condition were 'misleading' and 'mischievous'

The advance of Isis stopped just shy of the ancient city of Erbil and the struggle for the local area has seen thousands of Christians leave for the relative safety of Iraqi Kurdistan and beyond. But now a new Catholic university has been opened in the city and serves as a message of hope for a Christian community that many are reporting as all but eradicated.

The issue of Pope Francis wearing personal protection has been raised once more after it was revealed that he has refused to wear a bulletproof vest during Christmas celebrations in the Vatican. Italian police have urged the Pope to wear the protection after receiving intelligence that Isis are planning to bring chaos to Rome with a series of terrorist attacks

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