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29 November 2014
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Catholic jobs


16 May 2014 15:12 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

Pope Francis cancelled his engagements this morning and postponed a visit to a Marian shrine outside Rome in the run up to his visit to the Holy Land.

16 May 2014 13:17 by James Macintyre

The Chairman of Governers at a Catholic primary school that is being transferred to the Church of England after its intake became overwhelmingly Muslim is calling for a national review of the purpose of Catholic education.

16 May 2014 13:09 by James Macintyre

A Catholic College in Dublin stands to gain over £800,000 from the sale of private correspondence from the late Jacqueline Kennedy to an Irish priest.

16 May 2014 10:00

Ruth Gledhill, The Times’ religion correspondent, is departing after 25 years at the paper and her role is being scrapped.

15 May 2014 17:09 by Liz Dodd

Western society has reduced the Christian command to “love they neighbour” for secular tolerance, Czech priest and philosopher Fr Tomáš Halík warned last night as he was presented with the prestigious Templeton Prize.

15 May 2014 15:25 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

Pope Francis has again implored the international community to help with the influx of migrants leaving northern Africa for European shores.

Russia's Orthodox Church has protested to Kiev after one of its top leaders was denied entry to eastern Ukraine amid tension over last Sunday’s pro-Russian referendum ballots.

15 May 2014 14:05 by Sarah Mac Donald

The Diocese of Cloyne, which was heavily criticised in 2011 by a government report into its handling of abuse, has made progress in developing child protection policies according to the Irish Church’s safeguarding body.

15 May 2014 14:03 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

Fears about security are rising in Israel amid concerns that Pope Francis’ pilgrimage could be disrupted by extremists. Following a series of threats to Christians, and the desecration of several holy sites, Israel’s most senior Catholic cleric has warned of a "wave of extremist terror" in the Jewish state.

15 May 2014 14:03 by Liz Dodd

Catholics in England and Wales have called on the bishops of England and Wales to find ways to support marriages that have broken down and to stop being “behind the times.”