Public funding for Catholic organisations in Ireland is under threat from equality legislation, the Bishop of Elphin warned this week, writes Sarah Mac Donald.

The head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church said he was consoled by Pope Francis' words of understanding and tenderness after he expressed disappointment at the historic declaration signed by the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Church

In an interview with a Catholic broadcaster, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has called Pope Francis a socialist whose views express a direct critique of conservative politics

Catholic peer, Lord Alton, has called on the British government to accept the “reality” of the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, as a report launched today finds UK government policy on Pakistani religious minorities to be inadequate

Outreach in the Year of Mercy has taken an interesting turn in the Diocese of Salford, with lapsed Catholics being invited to reconnect with their faith aboard the Mercy Bus

Members of the Roman Curia must be careful never to neglect or mistreat those they come into contact with, Pope Francis said today. Delivering a homily during a jubilee Mass for the Curia and other Vatican offices, the Pope urged them to show “the loving care of the Good Shepherd” instead. Francis has in the past been critical of the Roman Curia - the Church’s central administration - at one point listing 15 of their “diseases” including gossiping, cliques and poor communication. 

Has Pope Francis just shifted Church teaching against the use of contraception? In remarks during an in-flight press conference from Mexico to Rome, the Pope suggested that using contraception was the 'lesser of two evils' in stopping the spread of the virus

Pope Francis ends tour of Mexico with a silent prayer for those who have crossed the border into the US, those that they had left behind and the 4,353 people who had died on the crossing of the Rio Grande in the last decade

Italy has postponed voting on recognising gay civil unions for fears of a backlash from Catholic members of the ruling center-left Democratic Party who are against same-sex couples being granted adoption rights 

Any possible link between mothers contracting the Zika virus and potentially serious birth defects in their babies is not justification for the promotion of pro-choice laws and the death sentence for children in affected countries, the Vatican has said

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