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28 March 2015
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29 October 2014 15:01 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

The Church in Italy has called for Hallowe’en to be scrapped and replaced with “Holyween”, a night in which children would attend prayer vigils and worship the saints.

29 October 2014 15:00 by Christopher Lamb

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has said that cohabiting couples and those in second marriages often demonstrate lives of “real goodness” in a pastoral letter to mark the end of the Synod on the Family.

29 October 2014 14:55 by Liz Dodd

Pope Francis told Pentecostal bishops visiting him in Rome that Catholics and Evangelicals should “walk together”, adding that focusing on differences amounted to “sinning against God’s will”.

29 October 2014 14:52 by CNS

The Big Bang theory and evolution do not eliminate the existence of God, who remains the one who set all of creation into motion, Pope Francis told the Pontifical Academy of Sciences this week.

28 October 2014 14:16 by Liz Dodd

Catholic cathedrals are to benefit from an £8 million windfall for urgent repairs in the second round of grants awarded by the First World War Centenary Cathedral Repair Fund.

28 October 2014 14:15 by CNS

Retired Pope Benedict XVI is a perfect example of how intellectual knowledge and scientific curiosity do not lead a person further from God, but can strengthen their love for God and for his human creatures, Pope Francis said.

28 October 2014 14:09 by Liz Dodd

The Bishop of Portsmouth has spoken of his sadness at the resignation of Kieran Conry, the former bishop of the neighbouring diocese of Arundel and Brighton, who stood down last month over an affair with a woman.

28 October 2014 13:59 by Liz Dodd

A multi-millionaire Catholic couple, who started their own private migrant rescue service in the Mediterranean after being inspired by Pope Francis, have spoken of their fear that many lives will be lost as EU takes over the salvage mission.

27 October 2014 15:32 by Liz Dodd

A pair of priests whose tap-dancing duel at the North American College in Rome was posted on the internet earlier this year have become an online sensation.

27 October 2014 15:30 by Liz Dodd, CNS

Twelve Chaldean religious men and priests living in the United States, Canada, Australia and Sweden have been suspended from exercising their priestly ministry for not receiving permission from their superiors before emigrating from Iraq.