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23 May 2015
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17 December 2014 13:51 by Liz Dodd, Christopher Lamb

The Archbishop of Glasgow has expressed his dismay at a legal ruling against two Catholic midwives who objected to supervising nurses involved in abortion procedures.

17 December 2014 13:50 by Liz Dodd

Pope Francis celebrated his 78th birthday this morning with a very different kind of papal audience – one that started with him blowing out candles on a cake and ended with thousands of pilgrims dancing the tango in St Peter’s Square.

17 December 2014 10:12 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

The first woman bishop in the Church of England was named today.

16 December 2014 19:04 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

Pope Francis has told a group of Roma gypsies "work hard" and "don’t give up hope".

16 December 2014 16:36 by Hannah Roberts in Rome

Pope Francis has lent his support to Rome's bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games, but says he will not be around to witness them.

16 December 2014 13:55 by CNS

A massive, detailed Vatican-ordered investigation of U.S. communities of women Religious ended with a call to the women themselves to continue discerning how best to live the Gospel in fidelity to their orders' founding ideals while facing steeply declining numbers and a rapidly aging membership.

16 December 2014 12:43 by Liz Dodd

Scores of children were killed in a Taliban attack on a school in Peshawar this morning, in what has been described as the worst attack of its kind in Pakistan.

16 December 2014 12:42 by Elena Curti, Christopher Lamb

Ed Miliband has criticised a suggestion by the Government that child benefit should be limited to two children.

16 December 2014 12:37 by Liz Dodd

“Hell touched us”, the Archbishop of Sydney said yesterday during a Mass for victims of the siege at Martin Place.