Around a million people are expected to attend a rally in Rome, with rthe support of the Italian bishops' conference, to defend the traditional family at the same time as the Italian legislature prepares to vote on a bill legalising civil gay unions

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and Vodaphone as well as Daimler and Volkswagen are among household brands failing to do basic checks to ensure that cobalt mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where child labour is rife has not been used in their products, an Amnesty report claims

The Vatican will commit to ensuring its supply chains are 'slavery-proof' following the announcement that the world’s biggest consumer goods firms and supermarket chains have decided to do the same to eliminate forced labour in their business partners

Two Catholic MPs and one Anglican will visit Calais’ 6,000-strong migrant camp on Thursday to experience the conditions of ‘the Jungle’ and work towards a political resolution to the refugee crisis

The number of abortions in the US is dropping but is still at just over 1 million procedures in a year, according to figures released this week. That equates to 210 abortion per 1,000 births, or more than 2 for ever 100 live births, and a total since abortion was legalised in the US of 58.5 million, according to figures released by the National Right to Life Committee in their annual State of Abortion report

Taiwan's first Catholic vice president, Chen Chien-jen, joins Taiwan’s first female president to lead the country after winning a landslide victory. Chen who is a devout Catholic, ran with Tsai Ing-Wen of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which secured 56 per cent of the vote, sweeping aside the pro-China Nationalist Party

Russian officials have said that they will make an official complaint to the Indian authorities after a senior Russian Orthodox priest was deported. Orthodox Father Superior Hegumen Serafim was kept at Chennai airport and refused food and water and consular access for seven hours by border guards

Pope Francis visited Rome’s synagogue this afternoon stressing that the Church recognises God’s “irrevocable” covenant with Israel and emphasised the unique relationship between Christians and Jews

The Archbishop of Canterbury has banned the US Episcopal Church from involvement in the Anglican Communion for three years because of its pro-homosexual stance in an attempt to avoid a general schism. The communion also voted to condemn same-sex marriage as against its teaching

Millions of people across East and Southern Africa are at risk of starvation, disease and lack of water as possibly the most powerful El Nino on record strengthens. Humanitarian agencies have issued warnings of a major food crisis and are making the case for an urgent need to scale up the humanitarian response

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