Russia's Supreme Court has confirmed that children can be removed from their parents if they involve them in banned social or religious groups, in a move said by local media to be aimed against the outlawed Jehovah's Witnesses. 


Victoria is on the brink of becoming the first Australian state to enact assisted dying for the terminally ill after the upper house of its Parliament ended a marathon debate with a 22-18 vote in favour of legislation that would introduce euthanasia from mid-2019.

Manchester parish that lost its flock records their memories

Three thousand 16- to 29-year-olds have replied to a questionnaire sent out by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales in preparation for the Synod of Bishops on youth next year.

Fr Ronan Drury, the editor of the pastoral monthly journal, The Furrow, has died at the age of 93.

Cecilia Bartoli, one of Italy’s most renowned classical singers, has become the first woman to perform inside the Sistine Chapel with the all-male Sistine Chapel Choir, as part of a musical project that draws on ancient, forgotten musical archives of the Church.


Kenya’s Catholic bishops are calling on the government and its security agencies to protect Kenyans “regardless of their political affiliation”, following a spate of killings, largely attributed to the police, during the country’s prolonged electoral period.

When renovations around the site believed to protect the tomb of Christ in Jerusalem were underway, religious leaders agreed to the temporary removal of the marble slab covering the tomb so that restorers could install a moisture barrier to protect it. It would mark the first opening of the space in perhaps centuries. A team from National Geographic, was allowed, during a relatively short window of time, to document the opening of tomb.

Pope Francis has decided to meet Myanmar’s top military leader when he visits the country next week, in what is going to be one of the most diplomatically tense trips of his papacy.  

A member of the Vatican’s Commission for the Protection of Minors has said seminaries must pay the “greatest attention” to the protection of minors and vulnerable persons in their formation programmes and mustn’t confine the matter to a one-off safeguarding lecture or workshop so that a box could be ticked.


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