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1 August 2015
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24 July 2015 12:01 by Christopher Lamb

Members of the English Benedictine Congregation (EBC) are due to meet tomorrow for a specially arranged gathering to discuss how to best foster new life in their monasteries.

24 July 2015 10:43 by Joanna Moorhead

The row between a Catholic cabinet minister and a group of high-ranking Catholics who are criticising the Government’s welfare reforms has continued this week, with further letters exchanged in which each party defends its corner.

24 July 2015 10:08 by Joanna Moorhead

Death is a topic we should be more willing to discuss, and we need to accept that there comes a point when it is inevitable, according to the lead bishop for this weekend’s Day for Life.

23 July 2015 17:12 by Christopher Lamb

Academics from universities across the country have signed a letter from the British Philosophical Association calling for Heythrop College to be saved.

23 July 2015 14:22 by Isabel de Bertodano

Mexico’s bishops have rounded furiously on their Government, expressing outrage at the escape from prison of the notorious leader of the Sinaloa drugs cartel, Joaquín Guzmán.

23 July 2015 14:15 by Fredrick Nzwili

Ahead of Barack Obama’s planned visit to Kenya (24-26 July), Catholic bishops promised to oppose any advocacy on the part of the US President of homosexuality and population control.

23 July 2015 14:12 by Christopher Lamb

A Jewish peer helping to rescue persecuted Christians from the Middle East has criticised European governments for failing to take action over the matter.

23 July 2015 14:05 by Joanna Moorhead, Liz Dodd

David Cameron’s suggestion that free transport to faith schools should be abolished in an attempt to integrate disparate communities could have exactly the opposite effect, the director of the Catholic Education Service warned this week.

22 July 2015 12:51 by Abigail Frymann Rouch

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal by a Pakistani Christian woman who has lived on death row for five years since being found guilty of blasphemy.

22 July 2015 11:29 by CNS

Pope Francis on Tuesday named three new auxiliary bishops to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.