Latest Issue: 21 November 2015
21 November 2015
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16 November 2015 14:37 by Sean Smith

The death of a prominent Catholic priest, whose body was found floating in a tributary of the Yellow River in China, is unlikely to be suicide according to those who knew him well

16 November 2015 10:27 by Sean Smith

The Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, told a packed Notre Dame that the French must meet the 'violence of men' without hatred despite the 'particular savagery' of the attacks on Paris that saw 129 people murdered by terrorists

14 November 2015 07:51 by Christopher Lamb in Rome

The Vatican has condemned a spate of terrorist attacks across Paris saying they require 'a decisive, supportive response' from the international community

13 November 2015 15:37 by Sean Smith

Religious and political leaders in the Central African Republic have sought to assure the Vatican that Pope Francis will be safe during his 33-hour visit to the war wracked country later this month....

13 November 2015 14:49 by CNS

As the Catholic Church's liturgical year draws to a close, Catholics are reminded that the source of all beauty and the final destiny of all things lie in God, Pope Francis said

13 November 2015 11:05 by Sean Smith

Torture to extract confessions from prisoners and reprisals against defence lawyers are still widely prevalent in China despite the authorities claiming it is illegal

12 November 2015 14:39 by CNS

Pope Francis sends live video message to four-day conference on the Eucharist being attended by all Catholic churches in Mumbai, India

12 November 2015 12:48 by Christopher Lamb in Rome

The Vatican has announced a criminal investigation into two journalists who have written books based on leaked documents relating to the the Holy See’s finances

12 November 2015 11:52 by Sean Smith, CNS

With the release of the film Spotlight in the US, which details sex abuse in Boston at the turn of the millennium, the US bishops say that they are ready to help anyone who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy

12 November 2015 10:31 by CNS, Sean Smith

Vatican trip planners have been in the Mexican border town which has been the home of a drug war in the last decade which has seen the murder of thousands of people and an epidemic of female homicide