The Vatican has denied reports that Pope Francis, merely days after meeting Hollywood actor and climate change campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio, will be making his acting debut in a new film about the Gospels

Two Australian bishops have encouraged Catholics to see the film Spotlight about The Boston Globe's uncovering of sex abuse in the Catholic Churchas is it an opportunity for everyone to acknowledge the extent to which 'some of our brothers and sisters, including our leaders, have failed so badly'

French authorities clearing an area in the Calais refugee camp, home to nearly six thousand people, destroyed a makeshift mosque and church yesterday as Christians huddled together to pray

Pope Francis has given his first interview on China praising it as a great country and a civilisation that the Church should respect. 'For me, China has always been a reference point of greatness. A great country. But more than a country, a great culture, with an inexhaustible wisdom”, the Pope said


The evangelical vote allowed Ted Cruz to pull off a victory in the Republican caucuses in Iowa over Donald Trump that seemed unlikely less than a week ago as Hillary Clinton admitted to 'breathing a hugh sigh of relief' after narrowly beating Bernie Sanders in the Democratic caucuses on Monday

The love of money might be the root of all evil but according to the Vatican’s financial controller bishops must understand how to manage it properly. Cardinal George Pell addressed ordained bishops at a course in Rome about how to manage the millions of pounds under their control

In the Pope’s concluding message to the 51st Eucharistic Congress that recently took place in the Philippines he called on Catholics to follow the example of Christ, who ate with sinners and outcasts

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, the head of around 450,000 Catholics in impoverished Myanmar, speaks out about poverty and injustice while Archbishop Jose Palma of Cebu says the world's elite should look to the Vatican for its guidance

The public policy arm of Iowa’s Bishops’ Conference and an Iowa-based evangelical organisation are working together to put payday lending on the agenda as the Republican party candidates for the nomination to run for president later this year campaign in the state ahead of voting on Monday 

Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne has urged Catholic schools to be sensitive and respectful to students who wish to bring a same-sex date to school formal events after a girl overturned a decision by her school to bar her from bringing her girlfriend with an online petition against the decision


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