During Ash Wednesday Mass in St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Pope Francis’ homily addressed the reconciliatory power of Christ and the factors that inhibit us from drawing close to God

A Christian man was tortured, had his hair shaved and was paraded through the streets on a donkey - mocking Jesus' return to Jerusalem after 40 ays and nights in the desert - by Hindu extremists

Lawyers for the US space administration have informed a Christian club at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, that using the name  of Jesus in a newsletter sent out by email was sectarian and denominational and an unconstitutional endorsement of religion

A former student of a secondary school in Canada has filed a human rights complaint against her school, the school board and the trustees, claiming she was discriminated against for refusing to take part in the school’s religious activities


The Catholic Church and the Church of England put aside more than 450 years of history this week when two of their most senior clerics came together for the Catholic rite of vespers in Henry VIII’s Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace

A man falsely claiming to have financial ties to the Vatican and Spanish aristocracy has been jailed yesterday for 14 years for defrauding a company out of £86 million

Cardinal Pietro Parolin speaking at a conference on priestly celibacy this week told an audience gathered at the Pontifical Gregorian University that necessary solutions for the need for more priests does not justify scrapping the discipline of celibacy

Carnivalgoers shook off concerns over the outbreak of the Zika virus in Brazil to enjoy Rio's traditional Mardi Gras carnivals over the last few days. Experts had warned before the weekend against kissing strangers during Carnival parties but the party went on regardless

Shrove Tuesday is celebrated in many ways across the world - and in New Orleans this year the residents and tourists have been enjoying Mardi Gras - or Fat Tuesday - since last weekend. Our gallery highlights some of the sights in the historic US city

Ukrainian Catholic leaders said that the meeting between Pope Francis Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow is unlikely to bear any fruit, while the Russian Orthodox director of foreign relations said that the presence and activity of the Ukrainian Catholics was still an obstacle to fully normal church relations

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