Latest Issue: 10 October 2015
10 October 2015
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08 October 2015 11:31 by Sean Smith, Sarah Mac Donald

The former president of Ireland refutes claims by the Archbishop of Philadelphia Charles Chaput that the Catholic Church never said homosexuals were disordered

08 October 2015 13:13 by Sean Smith

Campaign groups welcome verdict and comments of a Supreme Court bench in upholding the death penalty for a guard who assassinated the Pakistani governor he was protecting because of his concern over the blasphemy laws

08 October 2015 10:56 by Sean Smith

Americans have a more positive view of the Catholic Church now thanks to Pope Francis’ visit to the US last month, a new survey has revealed

07 October 2015 14:58 by Liz Dodd

Peter Ball, the retired Anglican Bishop of Gloucester, has been jailed for 32 months for historic sex offences against 18 teenagers and young men

07 October 2015 15:59 by Catholic News Service

Society and the church have much to learn from the family and, in fact, the bond between the church and the family is 'indissoluble', Pope Francis said

07 October 2015 10:00 by Catholic News Service, Sean Smith

The Vatican confirmed Pope Francis will visit Mexico in 2016, marking his first trip to a country which is the second largest Catholic population in the world

07 October 2015 10:52 by Catholic News Service, Sean Smith

California's bishops said the assisted suicide bill 'stands in direct contradiction to providing compassionate, quality care for those facing a terminal illness"

30 September 2015 16:04 by CNS

The Vatican said it will not deny reports that the county clerk from Kentucky who was jailed for refusing to issue same sex marriage licences met with the Pope in Washington during his visit

06 October 2015 16:33 by Catholic News Service

As the discussion began at the world Synod on the Family, Pope Francis urged members not to act as if the only question that mattered was the pastoral care of divorced and civilly remarried Catholics, his spokesman said

30 September 2015 15:00 by CNS, Sean Smith, Patricia Zapor

A US State has executed a woman prisoner for the first time in 70 years despite the fact that she did not kill anyone and Pope Francis made a plea of mercy on her behalf