Francis extols today’s Christian martyrs at start of Holy Week

01 April 2015 | by Hannah Roberts in Rome
Pope Francis paid tribute to persecuted Christians, whom he called “the martyrs of our time”, as he presided over a Palm Sunday Mass for thousands of pilgrims. Francis reminded the crowd of 70,000 who gathered waving palms and olive branches of “our brothers and sisters who are persecuted because they are Christians – the martyrs of our own time. There are many of them! They refuse to deny Jesus and they endure insult and injury with dignity. They follow him on his way.”Thousands of Christians have been driven from their homes, killed or enslaved by militant Islamists in Syria and Iraq. The terrorists have also made alarming inroads into Libya, most notoriously beheading 21 Coptic Christians with a brutality that shocked the world.According to the Internation

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