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28 November 2015
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Welby urges Christians to emulate Mandela and challenge injustice
01 January 2014 16:17 by Liz Dodd

The Church of England is the glue that holds society together, the Archbishop of Canterbury said in his first New Year message in which he urged Christians to “change the world”.

Archbishop Justin Welby who was enthroned in March, rejected claims that the Church should not involve itself in politics. He said that campaigning about heating bills and the family fulfilled the commandant to love your neighbour.

In a message broadcast on New Year’s Day by the BBC, Archbishop Welby quoted Nelson Mandela, who died last year, as saying that dealing with poverty was an act of justice rather than charity.

“I look around and I see many signs of hope, but there are also many communities struggling,” he said. “Perhaps our New Year resolution is not just to do something slightly different, but to set our eyes on changing the world around us. That would really change our country in the most amazing way.”

He reflected on the high points of his first year in his new role, which included the baptism of Prince George in October.

Watch the archbishop's message here.

Above: Archbishop Welby, pictured here at a food bank, most of which are run by churches, has consistently expressed concern at the impact of the Government's austerity measures on Britain's poorest citizens. Photo: Anglican News