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28 November 2015
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Francis in Israel: concern for all
16 April 2014

I believe it would be good if Pope Francis, on his forthcoming visit to Israel, could visit Deir Yassin as well as Yad Vashem, as suggested by Bernard Kilroy in his letter (The Tablet, 12 April). It would not diminish the importance of the visit to the Holocaust museum; instead it would show the Holy Father’s concern for any persons affected by atrocities committed against them.
Arn Dekker, Cambridge


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Comment by: Diaconus
Posted: 23/04/2014 09:27:02

No war of which I have any knowledge is without atrocities committed by both sides. However, the atrocity of the Shoah, so vividly and painfully recalled at Yad Vashem, is of so great a magnitude that it defies comparison with any other. Any attempt to reduce it to just another atrocity of war would cause such profound offence to the Jewish People as to make the damage to Jewish/Christian relations, caused by the Bishop Williamson affair, seem trivial. As someone deeply committed to healing the wounds in Jewish/Christian relations caused by all too many ghastly memories of Christian intolerance, I hope and pray that no one with responsibility for the forthcoming visit of Pope Francis to the Holy Land would be so rash.