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28 November 2015
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Gift of tongues
10 April 2014

All true alumni of St Aloysius’ College in Highgate, north London, will be delighted to see both their Alumni Archbishops – Malcolm McMahon of Liverpool and George Stack of Cardiff – getting “the smell of the sheep” (The Tablet, 29 March).

Nobody could blame Archbishop Stack for putting his study of Cymraeg on the back burner, but it is good to hear that he's about to lead his deacons on a crash course in the language. After a decade and a half getting to grips with Nottingham-as-it-is-Spoke, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP should find his lessons in Scouse a bit of a doddle.

Meanwhile, I trust the Modern Languages Department at St Aloysius' will be introducing Geordie, Yorkshire, Mancunian, Estuary and so on in the cause of preparing all its future north London-born bishops and archbishops for pastures new. And why not Gaeilge and Gáidhlig for those who, like Sts Patrick and Colmchille, may wish to fill the vacant sees on the foreign missions?
Eddie Finnegan, London N4


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