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Cardinal Sarah warns that the West is like a ‘drunken boat’

Preaching in Chartres cathedral in France, Cardinal Robert Sarah told pilgrims who had walked for three days from Paris: “Let’s look around us! Western society has chosen to establish itself without God. Witness how it is now delivered to the flashy and deceptive lights of a consumer society: to profit at all costs, and frenzied individualism.”


Looking back at 2016: The West needs a new perspective

04 January 2017by Peter Frankopan

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Communication is the key

04 January 2017 by John Cosgrove

Beyond satire

04 January 2017 by Raymond Edwards

Going far?

04 January 2017 by Marcus Tanner

Short sighted

04 January 2017 by Gregory Wolfe

Fallen from grace

04 January 2017 by Laurent Mignon


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